Editor Profile: Arevik Acopian

The Exceptional Work Of Film Editor Arevik Acopian

Have you ever noticed that good editing can actually save a movie. Of course, they say that if you notice the editing then it can distract you from the movie’s story. So, is that a trick question, then? Not really, because most film aficionados understand that raw footage must be edited so that the story can to be told in an understandable way. Piece by piece, frame by frame is how a movie is put together. All those shots that the director and actors went through have to be looked at and then cut down to their most usable length and then married together with the next shot until you have a complete movie. That’s what Arevik Acopian does for a living — she edits movies and movie trailers.

She has always loved art, music, painting and movies. Art runs through her veins: Her whole family played piano as she was growing up in her native Armenia, and she studied piano for five years at conservatory. Her grandmother was a painter and apparently transferred much of her talent to her curious granddaughter because Arevik began painting at an early age and studied painting and fine arts at the University of Fine Arts of Madrid. She had several exhibitions and then moved to Italy to study painting at the legendary Academy of Brera and then she got hold of a movie camera, which changed the course of her artistic career forever.

She became immersed in editing the cameras footage and when she found herself doing it day after day after day, she took the bull by the horns and changed her focus from painting to editing. She received her Masters in Editing and Post-Production from the university and then went out and started working for independent production companies. Of course, by that time Arevik knew that she wanted to edit movie trailers and promos, which can tell a story in 30 seconds to a minute and a half, so she applied to Fox International Channel in Spain, where she was living, and got hired.

Arevik has an enormous amount of artistic talent and technical skills all rolled into one energetic and creative human being. She loves the challenges of editing promos and trailers for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The Good Wife, and her fluency in five languages allows her to comfortably work almost anywhere in Europe, the UK and the United States.

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