British Dynamic Sketch Comedy Duo ‘KAT & KAT’

Just saw a few YouTube videos by Katerina Robinson and Kat Ronson, who both make up the young, sassy comedy sketch duo “KAT&KAT.” This dynamic British pair have been featured on BBC, British Comedy Guide, Missguided, Wall of Comedy, Get Pulped, Lost Comics and Soho Theatre. All their sketches are completely improvised and non-scripted.

Their new venture is called “Lads,” in which they play two boys from East London whose names are Charlie and Dave. The series is completely improvised by the two stars and it is shot on a shoe string budget with a skeleton crew of two. The two comediennes have been praised and hailed as the ‘Kevin & Perry’ for the 21st century. These two funny women produced the show and self-funded it also. Rather than just shoot a short single Instagram video the Kats decided to create a series of videos where the “Lads” take on various challenges and travel to various locations.

The initial concept for “Lads” came about in the first UK lockdown and after many ideas had been tossed back and forth the two Kats chose the male characters as their vehicles. Dave and Charlie would, from then on, be in competition with each other to see who was the biggest lad. The first sketches ranged from eating spicy chicken wings, wearing bum bags, running round parks and filming everything on Kat’s Ipad with a tripod, no crew, wearing cheap boy wigs and using Kat’s flat as their location.

The main idea was to explore male behaviors and create something funny, relatable and different from their previous work. They both agreed that they wanted to make something not too pretty or girly, but something quite rough and rogue with very silly humor. The show has been well received and one of the sketches was featured on BBC Radio several times and was nominated for an award in the United States. Since the second lockdown began Ms. Robinson and Ms. Ronson have decided not to slow down although they do take great care to keep themselves and their crew safe and socially distanced.

However, their drive to move forward and bring laughter and fresh entertainment to their fellow countrymen has seen “Lads” produced into a full length TV series of 5 episodes and it is a mockumentary. These episodes will be released soon and Kat and Kat are excited for the public to see and enjoy them.

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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