Editor Duane Fogwell

One normally thinks of a film and video editor sitting in a dark room with his or her eyes glued to multiple screens choosing the best scenes for the production at hand. However, when we looked at Duane Fogwell’s CV it appeared that this amazing and very talented editor can elevate and fly at the speed of light. His CV is so full and he has worked on so many projects in such a short period of time that one can only imagine that he is obviously in high demand and he rockets from assignment to assignment.

Of course, we happen to know that Duane is not a flyer, except when he goes back home to Australia for visits (and work), so that leaves the other possibility — that is, that he is in extremely high demand as an editor. It also means that he is easy to work with and his output is highly satisfactory to producers and directors because they keep calling him back for more. We should all be so lucky! He has edited shows that have been on the lineups of all the major networks, including, Fox, YouTube, Netflix, ABC, Bravo, VH1, Spike and Nat Geo, among others such as the popular Aussie channels 7, 9 and 10.

Some of the major shows he has edited include Hyperdrive, Battlebots 3, Boyband, American Grit, Ultimate Beastmaster (3 seasons), America’s Next Top Model, Battlebots 2, Battlebots 1, Masterchef, The Voice and The Biggest Loser. Duane has also edited Celebrity competition shows such as, Cyrus vs. Cyrus, What the Fit, Dancing With The Stars, Lip Sync Battle, Candy Crush, and others.

Duane started out in the film world as a Director when he wrote, directed and of course, edited the award-winning Australian short film The Milkman. The movie tells the story of a fourteen year-old boy who gambles away his skateboard on a game of handball and decides to take on the job of milkman to pay for its return.

Duane attended the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts film school and went on to make other prize-winning short films, including The Best Man, which won the award for Best Script and Best Editing. He went on to become a three-time Tropfest finalist, with his Fish Lips short included as a finalist in the “Best of Tropfest” in Las Vegas in 2012. This successful stint in the short film universe catapulted him into a highly successful career in the Australian television industry and paved the way to his future success in Los Angeles.

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