Dannii Minogue Launches Her First Instagram live With #Danniichat

One of Australia’s most beloved and iconic entertainers Dannii Minogue, gave fans some cheering up, during such a gloomy time, when she conducted her very first instagram live chat this past Monday. Speaking from her home in the UK on Mother’s Day, Dannii talked to fans and friends around the world, who are all in the same situation -quarantined, due to the dreaded Covid-19 corona virus. Sharing her thoughts and precautions with fans and mothers who are homeschooling their children, Dannii managed to shed some light on a tough situation we are all facing -while at the same time, trying to remain positive and productive.

Being a Melbourne girl myself, it was an honor to have the chance to talk to Dannii via video chat from my home in LA and share some of our fondest memories of Australia, including (of course), our beloved Vegemite sandwiches and some Aussie slang. It was also a treat to hear about how much she loves and reminisces about Young Talent Time (the Aussie equivalent to The Mickey Mouse Club) and the hopes at there one day being a YTT reunion! Dannii also mentioned how her parents were getting ready to go on a cruise to Alaska, which has obviously since been cancelled, due to the crisis -and how big sister Kylie is enjoying her down time and is quite the cook, which fans would be surprised to know!

It was an honor to speak to such a beautiful and positive person like Dannii and now that she has mastered her first and successful Instagram live, she will continue to bring us some fun and insightful chats with friends and fans, who all have their own forms of creativity and positive energy to bring to the world. Be sure to check out her #danniifeed whenever you get a chance via her instagram:


Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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