Dancer, Choreographer And Teacher -The Multi-Skilled Mounia Moal

Dancer, teacher, choreographer…although those three words describe what Mounia Moal does, they hardly describe the genius and presence she brings to the stage when she is doing them. She has been dancing for years and she has always been passionate about movement and rhythm, which is very obvious if and when you are fortunate enough to witness one of her performances or choreographical masterpieces.

According to Marie Wright, also known as “Maryss from Paris,” Mounia can be compared to Michael Jackson when he brought his audiences to a screaming mass — and that was just when he became immobile for five minutes on stage and began to take off his glasses. The audience was anticipating his next incredible and always innovative dance steps and could only barely hang on to their composure before he danced into the next beat.

Marie says she was absolutely thrilled to see Mounia in one of her exclusive dance workshops in Paris a few years ago. Mounia instantly reminded her of Michael Jackson’s presence when she got to work with him. Mounia, she says, caught her eye immediately and Marie was almost unable to watch anyone else in the workshop that day. When she checked up on this “unknown” dancer, she found out that Mounia had actually been one of the busiest dancers in the region as well as an in-demand teacher and choreographer.

She also found out that Mounia, “a rare diamond” as Marie calls her, is a master of all types of dancing, which includes hip hop and Ragga, which is so popular in Los Angeles. Marie apparently knows what she’s talking about. She has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson as already noted, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, to name just a few. She has performed all over the planet and choreographed for artists in the U.S., France, Korea, the Caribbean and North Africa among many other areas in the world.

Mounia has established herself as a top dancer and choreographer. Even though she is a busy dance teacher she always takes the time to make sure her students understand the whole concept of what she is teaching. That is, it’s not just the dance steps that she’s teaching; it’s the passion for the steps and the creation of perfection in movement that is important. After seeing Mounia dance, the idea of passion in dance becomes very clear to whomever is watching.

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