Who is Charly? Facts You NEED To Know About This International Music Phenom


We sat down with Charly to get to know her and her career, as well as discuss the release of her critically-acclaimed EP, Film Scores.

Charly, a music composer, songwriter, singer, and film composer, is following her dreams in Los Angeles. If you don’t recognize her by name, you have likely heard her accompaniment in any number of major Indie-Folk-Rock songs with some of your favorite artists. The French-born woman is a multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, and musician that has collaborated with major names including Coralie Hervé, Eric Reymond, Andrew Tokko, Jefferson Fichou, and Gerhard Westphalen. You may have also heard of her through as a part of one of her many bands, including “Charly&Faust”, “The Sutra”, or Charly & The Characters alongside Eric Reymond, Navneet Rao, and Johann Lorber.

Charly discovered her passion for music as a child, singing and playing guitar. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Art and Communication at ICART in Paris in 2012, Charly launched her career in the music industry, working at record labels, concerts, venues, and for festivals.

She followed her passion for creating and composing music to San Francisco, where she studied music production at the Academy of Art University. Charly was quickly scooped up by filmmakers and film composers, including Peace S. Nistades, a famous composer known worldwide for his work on films such as Privates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda, and Passion of the Christ. They recognized her exceptional voice and creative, multi-faceted musical perspective, and requested she compose the musical scores for award-winning films, ‘Bonding’, ‘The Boy In The Mirror’, and the TV series pilot, ‘Manny Fantasma’. Charly has continued her work scoring feature films, and just signed on to score ‘The Lost End’ by Alexander Salabaschew.

Charly created the band Charly & Faust in 2016, was hired as the bass player and backing vocals in the rock band, The Sutra, and works as backing vocals for the band, Polymorph. Charly & Faust has seen great success in the past few years. Their music vidéo “No Rush” hit 9,200 views in only a few weeks. They have also played famous venues including The Whisky A GoGo, The Lucky Strikes, The Hotel Café, and The Satelite.

Charly tells us that she is perhaps most proud of her own band, Charly & The Characters. In April 2018, Charly released her third EP, ‘Awareness’, self-produced with Eric Reymond. Composed of four songs, the lyrics convey complex emotional topics such as broken love and society, but the music itself is catchy and upbeat.

This was a follow-up to her other recent EP, “Film Scores”, featuring her beautiful singing voice, accompanied by the slow strum of guitar and the building sound of drums. What strikes us is how emotional and melodic the EP is, while still sounding unlike anything we have heard in recent memory — a truly rare feat for any musician.

These EPs have received a heap of praise across the USA and UK from publications for its unique and beautiful sound. Charly even recently won an award for her score for the TV show “Manny Fantasma” by Michael Carnick that will be screened at the Golden State Film Festival at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Charly’s most recent release is a dance video accompanying her original song, ‘Alone.’ The video tells the story of a nine year old girl in need of mental health support. Charly explains, “The aim of the video is to raise awareness of mental health issues within younger people in today’s society, using dance as a story‐telling method to show this problem in a new light.” The video is already creating a buzz online, with more than 4000 views. This music video has even been nominated at several film festivals and Mental Health events. It was also screened at the event “Change Makers: for Mental Health 0.2” on March 1st 2019.

From Paris, France to Los Angeles, CA, Charly’s musical journey is one of passion and purpose. It seems Charly’s fan base follows her wherever she goes, as a solo artist or with her many bands. With such a massive number of critically-acclaimed successes already under Charly’s belt, count us among her fans: we can’t wait to see what this amazing musician has in store for us next!

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