Combining A Touch Of Royalty And Charity This Thanksgiving At Local Restaurants In Sacramento CA

Recipes from ‘Together -Our Community Cookbook’ will feature at local restaurants in Sacramento CA to help benefit needy families, this Thanksgiving. Photo Credit: ‘Together -Our Community Cookbook’.

Hi Madelyne, it’s so wonderful to hear about the continuous work you do to help the less fortunate -and I wanted to find out more about the project you’ve been working on recently to help needy families this Thanksgiving -in your community. I understand being a California girl, you are also a fan of Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex -who contributed to the recently released ‘Together Our Community Cookbook’ to help benefit the victims of the Grenfell Tower fires in England, back in 2017.

Now, on a local level you are also doing your part to help raise money for women’s shelters and the needy in your area -in doing so, you have asked local restaurants to each make a dish of their choice from the cookbook as part of a Thanksgiving drive. This sounds like such an amazing idea, let’s talk about it!

How did you come up with this concept?

I came up with the idea because it hits so close to home for me. I have worked in the restaurant industry now, for about 8 years and I’ve always joined forces with local restaurants in my fundraising efforts. The stories and tragedies from those in the cookbook behind the recipes are similar -we just don’t always get to hear the stories about these other people. I also thought this would be something different and unlike anything I’d done in the past (I usually do a physical turkey drive for Thanksgiving) -so, this year I thought to myself, why not give this a shot and have local restaurants each make a dish from the ‘Community Cookbook’ and the proceeds can go to the women’s shelters and needy families in my area?

What has the response been so far?

The response has been truly amazing! Everyone is so inspired by the book and can identify with it (also, being that they are chefs themselves). They are more than willing to participate and make these dishes, as some of the recipes are very different from what they would usually be used to making. It’s an exciting challenge for them, as well!

The House Kitchen and Bar, has chosen to make Aysha Bora’s Coconut Curry Chicken from ‘Together -Our Community Cookbook’ to benefit needy families this Thanksgiving.

What do you like the most about this cookbook and what is one of your favorite recipes from it?

What I like most is, the story behind it -the coming together in the face of tragedy and sadness and building a bond with people through food. We often sit at a restaurant next to people and don’t know each others stories and we don’t know the story behind a recipe etc. So I think it’s a beautiful way to tie it all together and it truly embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving for me! My favorite recipe so far, is the Chile & Avocado Dip and the Green Rice. I’m so excited and can’t wait to try out these dishes!

What is the ultimate goal for you, while working on this project with local restaurants?

My ultimate goal I think, as with every year, is to show people how easy it is to help others by taking one small thing we all do on a daily basis -like eating a meal at a restaurant and how that can potentially have the power to help so many. It really is that simple! You can impact so many lives with something we do everyday -therefore with this idea, we are helping the women in London as well as needy families here in Sacramento. Just as the book states, we can all do it “together”.

What is it that makes Meghan Markle such a positive role model to so many women and young girls in the world?

I think she is such a wonderful role model because of her charity work and how she has used her TV and acting fame to bring awareness to women in Africa. She has worked with the UN and I feel it’s so important for young girls to know you can make a career out of helping others -and not just by being famous to be famous! You can also use that platform to do great things in the world!

Where can customers check out some of these restaurants serving dishes from ‘Together -Our Community Cookbook’?

You can try one of the dishes at each of the participating restaurants in Sacramento from November 5th to November 9th including; House Kitchen and Bar (serving the Coconut Curry Chicken), Kasbah Lounge (serving green Rice), Chitas Mexican Grill (serving the Chile & Avocado Dip) and The Waterboy (who are choosing their dish as we speak). I’m really excited to see what they choose as well, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for all this wonderful information Madelyne and best of luck with all your wonderful work!

Thank you for your time!

For those who are not in the Sacramento area, don’t forget to purchase a copy of ‘Together -Our Community Cookbook’ below:

And for all the latest updates on the restaurants in Sacramento CA, serving these wonderful dishes, follow The Broken Butterfly on instagram below:

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