Colombian Designer and Specialist Camilo Cornejo

Camilo Cornejo’s Amazing Work.

Colombian designer and specialist, Camilo Cornejo passionately uses his expertise, exhibits, film making as a form of activism to improve the social and development environments of his country and work with youth in the post-conflict guerrilla process — making use of the arts to generate space for forgiveness encounter and re-socialization.

Camilo is a graduate of of the graphic design program and a degree graduate specialist in design management at The University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. He earned a degree in photo studies at LaSalle International College in Canada, and a degree in social media marketing at San Francisco State University.

Upon graduation, Camilo Cornejo has been working for international companies with positioning in Costa Rica, Peru, Salvador. At Casa Editorial El Tiempo, one of the major Colombian media conglomerates, Camilo lead teams focused on marketing, network strategies, graphic communication, studies of aesthetic trends, measurements of communication traffic, illustration techniques, generation of illustrations, and web content.

Working with and, Camilo offered his expertise to nationally recognized brands such as: Salud Total, the largest health company in Columbia.

In the academic world, Camilo Cornejo has excelled as a professor in undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the most prestigious universities in the artistic field in Colombia. In 2012, Camilo started to be recognized for his achievement as a graphic communicator and illustrator in the academic and research field at UNITEC U (A member of the Network Ilumnothis — prestigious higher education institutions in eight Latin American countries) — contributing his expertise in the arts and design, improving the social and development environments of his country.

Furthermore, Camilo served as a professor in the post-graduate and continuing education field at the University UJTL. In 2014, under the seal of UNITEC and its program of social projection, Camilo began work with children of imprisoned them through pedagogical methodologies in their development and interaction through art.

From a young age, Camilo felt a need to express himself with shapes and colors. This passion for the arts, combined with his academic training has inspired Camilo to raise awareness and bring people together. “It provides both in the functional field as in the emotional field, the central reason of art.”

In 2015, Camilo’s illustrative and infographic works were exhibited at the Visual Arts Museum of Bogotá, and at The in Fernando Soto Aparicio Gallery, where he showed the retrospective work of his illustrated infographics of illustrative expression techniques. That same year, Camilo Cornejo served as a curator and honorary jury member ar The Festival Of Artistic And Social Projects Of The UPC — recognized for his high artistic level in the business sector.

Currently, Camilo is following his passion for film making. Two of his short films are nominated at the Cannes Film Festival and is working on seven additional films for consideration for Cannes in 2019. True to his own passion and character, Camilo Cornejo believes in the power of art.

“I think there are thousands of opportunities to interrelate knowledge and approaches in the field of communication, inviting not to see design in an invitation to interact with art, but to generate multidisciplinary bridges that achieve a a more prolific, richer, deeper style.

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