Chloe Trujillo Releases Her Powerful New Single “Corporations”

Talented artist and musician Chloe Trujillo

I recently caught up with the beautiful and talented Chloe Trujillo, who spoke about her time during quarantine, how she stayed creative by consistently working on her art and the joy of spending quality time with her family. Her new single and video “Corporations” is out today, which features her family in the video as well. Here is what she had to share:

Hi Chloe, it’s great catching up with you again. First of all, how was everything for you through quarantine?

I always try to look at the positive aspects of things, so here are the pluses I found:

Being with my family, cooking together every day, enjoying our time creatively with art and music and sharing more time together than ever before was nice.

With the kids having to do school from home, my mornings were no longer rushed. I started an every day with yoga practice from my laptop, which helped me set intentions for each day and get stronger.

Quarantine pushed me to go beyond what I thought were my limits. I learned LogicPro to create and release my music, I painted more and experimented with different surfaces, I performed in virtual festivals and painted on virtual livestreams. I started a YouTube project with my sister interviewing amazing people, read more, meditated more….and I did manifest some amazing opportunities for myself!

It brought me closer to my tribe!

I also had the opportunity to help a few charities with my music, artwork and designs.

I also read that you learned to produce your own music during this time. How was that for you? Was it difficult and overwhelming at first? Or did you pick it up pretty easily?

Ha yes! Well I always had sort of a mental block with software in general….not wanting to deal with the computer thing…but when studios had to close I had no choice but to learn if I wanted to finish my songs and release them. I’m still learning every day! At first it seemed daunting, I thought I would never be able to do it…but the pull to finish these songs was stronger than my reluctance to using a software.

What does a typical day look like for you, being that you are a busy mum as well as working on your music?

Well I start every day with writing my intentions, meditating and working out, then it depends, every day is different. I work every day and either paint or draw. I write a new song idea or record, sing, try to be productive no matter what! I fit it in! Otherwise I don’t feel good about myself…it’s this weird guilt thing…I’ve also been doing interviews for my music pretty regularly, and that’s usually in the mornings too via zoom. Then of course depending on my kids needs, now that they are back in school and that my husband is in the studio, I’m like a single mom, so driving them to activities, running errands, school related events, etc…But really every day is different and there is never a dull moment.

Your husband Robert is also a musician who features on your new song “Corporations”, as well as your children. That must have been a great experience! What was the inspiration behind the song?

Oh actually that was for the video, Anne Pruvost — who I really got to know during this pandemic and who has done an amazing job with all my music videos so far. She had the fantastic idea to include my family in the video!

I always give Anne carte blanche and it never disappoints! And actually, even if they didn’t play on the recording, that video really shows how we are as a family, creating, sharing and being in symbiosis with each other, in harmony. The making of the video was so much fun and I do hope that we get to perform it live as a family someday soon! The inspiration behind the song is really pointing the finger at these big corporations which became bigger than anybody could imagine, and which are now like machines — hard to control!

When did you first realize you wanted to sing? and who were some of your influences growing up?

My grandfather was a professional opera singer, he toured too, that’s when I knew… I was too shy to admit it for so many years, I used to write songs and destroy them so nobody would hear them. It took a while, I had some bands throughout high school, and then sang in cabarets and musicals. My influences were really heavy metal, punk, death metal and then mix that with old 20s, 30s, 40s French and German cabaret music… My music is also showing influences of my dancing years. I was part of a funk-jazz dance company, and thus listened to a lot of hip-hop, RnB and funk.

You were recently also a part of Global Green Presents “Music for the Planet” concert. Please tell us about that:

It was such an honor to be included in that concert along with so many great artists!! I grew up with a mother who taught me early on how to respect the environment and that has always been a value of mine. My kids do the same, I remember being on tour with my husband, and we were in Rio, I wanted to go to the market, so I left my kids and husband on the beach with the Brazilian bodyguard. When I came back, the bodyguard came to me and said he had never seen anything like it, my daughter picked up all the trash on the beach while my son and husband were swimming. He was really touched and I felt so proud.

Watch “Corporations” here

What is your best piece of advice to other artists who are trying to find their way in the music business?

That’s a hard one…I think the best advice is keep working, keep creating and believe in yourself! I work on that every day. Being an artist is not easy, it’s exposing yourself, but it’s so worth it! There’s going to be hard days, just keep on keeping on. I had so many jobs and I have so many diplomas too, as a back-up (science, healing, art, languages, etc…) There were days when I almost gave up, but I kept the faith and I kept working.

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