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Charles Ancelle

Filmmaker Charles Ancelle is recognized as one of the most sought after filmmakers and producers in the industry following the release of several projects over the last two years.

’Sisters”, written, directed and produced by Ancelle, is a drama starring, Alex Essoe and Brenda O’Sullivan. ’Sisters’ tells the story of the reappearance of a sister who mysteriously vanished and the painful circumstances that face the woman who through her sister was gone.

’Sophie’, produced by Ancelle, was co-produced by Anna Skrypka. The film starring, Sophia Gasca, Jonathan Rosenthal and Taja Davis examines the life of an an android life form designed for commercial companionship. It is currently circulating the festival circuit. Expanding his medium of storytelling, Ancelle produced, ‘Undercurrent’, and ‘Higher”, by artist Alina Ly.

Season two of the critically acclaimed web series, ‘Behind The Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101’ is in production as the first season enjoyed a wild success upon its release. The digital comedy celebrated a premiere at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. As the series’ creator and producer, Ancelle garnered substantial press attention and favorable critic reviews — “a hilariously provocative new web series comedy”. The series airs on the Official ASCA YouTube Channel. Within a month of its release, the show received an impressive 300,000 views on YouTube. The series features sponsorship from Stella Artois and Pink’s Hot Dogs.

2019 and beyond promises to bring success and acclaim to Charles and Ancelle. He is currently developing several projects. They include a feature thriller with producing partner, Anna Skrypka about Ukrainian sex trafficking and revenge, and two two television pilots. ‘Natural Selection ‘examines the porn industry, while ‘#SoCool’, tells the story of. “social status — an unlikely friendship between two guys, one is the coolest guy in town, while the other is very uncool.” Amcelle is developing two additional features, a female lead thriller, ‘Butterfly’, and a sci-fi thriller, also female d ‘Synthetic Hearts’ which looks at the rise of artificial intelligence.

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