Catching Up With One Of Australia’s Favorite Couples -Cameron And Ali Daddo!

Cameron Daddo married his sweetheart Alison Brahe back in 1991

Aussie actor, musician and presenter Cameron Daddo, married model Alison Brahe back in 1991 and they recently celebrated 27 years of marriage. Now, after 3 wonderful kids and many years of living in LA, they are now back in Australia -where Cameron is working as a broadcaster for SMOOTH FM and presenting for Foxtel’s Smooth Music Channel. We recently caught up with this dedicated husband and wife team to find out their secrets to a lasting marriage and some of their career highlights. (I must also add, Alison and Cameron both still look amazing)! Here is what they had to say:

How did you both handle the long periods of time away from each other?

Ali: It’s been a of part marriage since the get go. When our first child was born I would pin photos of Cam all over the fridge at her eye level and we would, “talk to daddy” and give him kisses. Cam also recorded books for the children to listen to so he could still read to them. We first had a law that no longer than 3 weeks apart was allowed. That slowly was pushed further and further. It’s really all about communication. Touching base everyday in someway. It’s not easy. We always have this weird readjustment period when Cam comes home.

Cam: Because I am usually the one away and because it’s only ever been for work, I stay as busy as I can. The work usually takes the lions share of the time -beyond that, I play golf, go for long walks and write. Ali and I speak most days -we certainly communicate by email or text.

Alison, Cameron and their 3 kids, today.

How have the kids adjusted to everything?

Ali: They are doing well I’m really proud of them. They have had to contend with some hard experiences. We had such a tight knit community in LA, my kids had so many adults in their lives that were like a second Mother. They had been at the same school since they were 3 so the school community was deep. Our 12 year old probably had it the easiest being the youngest and the most outgoing. Our son who is now 18 had to join a new school in year 11, so that was a challenge socially at first, but he has finished school with a great group of friends. For our 22 year old it’s probably been the most challenging, her University would not take any of her credits for the year and half of her American course -so she had to start Uni all over again. She’s handled it well and is receiving flying marks in her course!

Cam: As Ali says. we are very proud of our kids and how they have managed the difficult transition of adjusting to a new country without their friends or usual comforts.

Do you feel it is a better lifestyle back on Oz?

Ali: That’s a tricky question, on the “pro” side we live walking distance to the most gorgeous beach, where it’s clean and fresh unlike some of the LA beaches and the food here is sensational. I am compelled to move my body and get outside way more in Australia, though as previously mentioned, without my friends it can be very lonely -making new friends at 48 is so much harder than I realized.

Cam: There are certainly for and against’s here. There’s much to love about Australia -the outdoors, the food and having family close by. I miss the immediacy of life in the US, as an actor, there’s way more happening in LA (as you would expect) -and if there’s not, there’s plenty of people there doing things to stay sharp. I have yet to find that here.

What are we working on now?

Ali: I have some writing projects and I’m looking at getting back into being a Doula . My eldest daughter and I are looking into doing creative things with recycled clothing. I’m looking for something more, possibly heading back to school!

Cam: I am working as a broadcaster for SMOOTH FM, as well as presenting on FOXTEL Smooth Music Channel. I am also writing a comedy TV show and developing my men’s health initiative MENS TEAM:

How was the SBS show Filthy Rich And Homeless?

Cam: My experience on Filthy Rich And Homeless, was nothing short of profound. I learned a massive amount about the homeless problem, which is prevalent across the world. By just saying there’s a shortage in housing is a huge understatement! People cannot be expected to thrive without a roof over their head and a font door to close. Throughout my time, I did not meet one person who came from a happy home. We need to assist men and women and new parents in becoming the best versions of themselves -happy, healthy men that do not abuse women and children. This is where MENS TEAM can help.

For Ali, what is one of your most favorite memories of your modeling career?

Ali: Pretty much anything that involved working with my dear friend Carlotta Moye who was the fashion editor of Dolly Magazine and now one of Australia’s top photographers. We had some wonderful fun times, we did a trip to Santorini that was sensational. I feel very fortunate.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned throughout your career so far?

Ali: My career has been very varied after modeling. If I was just talking just about modeling, I’d say to make sure you have other interests and another career back up -don’t be afraid to go back to school and learn something that will help you change direction later. Since modeling I’ve been involved with careers that have been of service. Personally nothing is more fulfilling.

Cam: You can’t take anything in show business personally. Weird concept when YOU are the product you’re peddling -but to have longevity, you must adopt this attitude. Do your work, do your work, do your work! There’s always going to be someone who’s better looking, who’s funnier, who’s taller, shorter, more muscular, fatter, hairier -more than whatever you think you are -BUT no one is going to be a better you! So get to know yourself and be the best version of yourself -you just might get a job!

What would be your best advice to others wanting to get into the entertainment industry?

Ali: I’ll leave that for Cam to answer!

Cam: As mentioned above!

Thanks so much for your time guys!

You can catch Ali and Cameron on Instagram:

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