Catching Up With Elizabeth Ho From The Netflix Sitcom Series ‘Disjointed’

Actress Elizabeth Ho

We recently caught up with actress Elizabeth Ho from the Netflix sitcom series produced by Chuck Lorre, ‘Disjointed’. She talks about the message behind the show, how she became involved as well as working alongside one of her idols, Kathy Bates. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Elizabeth, it’s wonderful to meet you.

Thank you so much for having me! I’m so excited to talk to you about Disjointed.

Let’s talk about your Netflix show Disjointed. When and how did you first become involved ?

I received the notice to audition from my manager just as I was about to watch the Cubs play game 7 of the 2016 World Series. I remember being extremely stressed watching that final game while simultaneously prepping for my audition the next day. It was crazy. I remember watching an inning and then going back to focusing on the material. And remember, there were two blown saves, a rain delay, and a walk-off in extra innings in that game! It was intense to say the least.

What drew you to the character of Jenny ?

I resonated with Jenny’s journey to figure out who she is. At the start of Disjointed, Jenny is at a major tipping point. All her life, she’s been a “good daughter” and followed the wishes of her family. However, after spending time with people like Ruth (Kathy Bates), she’s coming into her own and realizing who she is might be different from what her family wants her to be.

What are the best and hardest parts of working on a show like this?

The best part of working on a show like Disjointed is being surrounded by so many people at the top of their game like Kathy Bates, Chuck Lorre, and DJ. We are lucky to have an incredible cast, crew, and production team. It is truly a joy to walk on set every day and know that you’re going to be working with family. I also consider us to be very lucky to be able to have a show that covers a controversial subject like the cannabis industry. We are in a unique position where we can use humor to talk about hard-hitting subjects like PTSD and medicinal marijuana.

The hardest and most rewarding part of working on a show like Disjointed is the live show. You work on a script all week, so it’s always a surprise to see how the audience reacts on the night of shooting. You really have to be on your toes. Our writers are unbelievably talented, and on show nights you have to be prepped with what you’ve rehearsed while also being flexible to try out new lines the writers throw at you on the fly. It’s electrifying and fun, but also terrifying.

What was it like working with Chuck Lorre as a producer?

Chuck Lorre is a legend in the TV world for a reason. He has an ear for storytelling and humor that cannot be beat. I have learned so much from watching how Chuck can cut through the fat of a scene and get right into what is working and what needs punch ups. Plus, he’s really a freaking cool guy.

You also work alongside the amazingly talented Kathy Bates. What was that like?

I have had such a big actor crush on Kathy since I started acting. She has such versatility and depth in her performances. When I realized I was going to be working with her, I became very nervous. It’s a trip wrapping your head around the idea that you’re going to be working with one of your idols. Kathy is one of the most down-to-earth, kind, and generous people you will ever meet. She’s also super sexy and funny. Seriously. Look at her. She’s Kathy f-ing Bates.

What is the message behind Disjointed?

Disjointed is a workplace comedy that has a lot of heart. It’s a show about embracing people for who they are and celebrating our differences. It just happens to take place in a dispensary.

Are you working on any other projects at this time or does the series take up most of your time?

I recently just wrapped a role on the Untitled Fred Armisen/Maya Rudolph Project for Amazon. I worked with executive producers Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard on a previous project, and it’s been so much fun getting to work with them again. I also have a couple of projects I can’t talk about yet, but I promise they’re super exciting. We are still waiting to hear if Disjointed will be coming back for a second season. My hope is that my time will be filled shooting more episodes of that soon.

Lastly, what is your advice to aspiring artists?

Take care of yourself and your mental and emotional health. When times get tough, know that you are not alone and there are others that want to help you. There is only one you and you deserve to be taken care of.

Thanks for your time, Elizabeth!

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