Rita Shukla is a Brazilian singer who is one of the genuine talents on the Hollywood music scene today. You just know she’s the real thing when you hear her beautiful voice and also because she’s been studying music and playing the piano since she was four-years old. She is still young, but she’s got more music experience than most people who are in their forties and fifties.

Rita is a performance artist in the truest sense of the phrase. She grew up recording her singing voice over her dad’s prized music cassettes and then took up Flamenco dancing when she was twelve. Of course, when she heard Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith she started taking electric guitar lessons with the goal of being a rock star. Why not, she thought, someone’s got to do it. After a year of working with the guitar, Rita went into acting. She took acting classes and joined the community theater where she was cast in several plays for the next two years.

All of these disciplines are related and Rita was getting a well-rounded education plus a great deal of practical experience in the world of music, dance, acting, singing and everything else that is involved with performance related art. She was a belly dancer with several dance companies in Sao Paulo and she acted in several more theatrical stage plays. Such a busy woman!

When she was 18 Rita studied acting at one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil: University PUC-SP. She immersed herself in everything theatre, acted in more plays and wrote scenes and short plays. After four years there, she moved to Rio and enrolled in CAL-Centro de Artes de Laranjeiras and studied TV acting and acting on camera classes. Then she went back to Sao Paulo and decided to take singing lessons, which was her first love, and was cast as Mary Poppins in Making Musicals 3. That, of course, set her on her true path of being a singer.

She decided to go to the United States and sign on for the two-year program at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy). This confirmed that she had made the right choice about singing and her love of musical theatre. Since then, Rita has been in several bands and is currently one of the lead vocalists in the rock & Roll band Lloyd Moss & The Rock Collective which will be playing at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Los Angeles in mid-December.

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