‘Body Of Sin’ — An Olson Brothers Picture

Ellie Patrikios in ‘Body Of Sin’.

We have been tipped off that there is an exiting new movie that is about to be released by the highly acclaimed Olson Bothers called Body Of Sin . It’s a thriller about a sexy female con artist Erica and her young apprentice Lauren, who use seduction to steal from men , until they get to steal a million dollars worth of diamonds and the score of their lives becomes a run for their lives.

The gorgeous and talented Ellie Patrikios in ‘Body Of Sin’.

We caught up with Ellie Patrikios one of the lead actresses in this exiting new film to tell us more.

Q: Tell us about Body Of Sin your owns words?

A: It is a coming of age thriller focusing on two bad ass female protagonists committing heinous crimes. It is about strength, friendship, testing fate and boundaries.

Q: Who do you play in the film?

A: I play Lauren Haley, in other words the Louise to the ‘Thelma’. An innocent suburban young woman, who after a frightening abandonment from all those around her, and a devaluation in integrity ends up at a Strip Club as a last resort. She is saved by her soon to be accomplice Erica Tate, where she begins to question if she was saved or being trapped inside a tangled in a crime that she never envisaged.

Q: How do you relate to Lauren’s character ?

A: Fortunately Lauren is a lot like me . Using my own beliefs and values to guide my character’s journey became effortless.

Q: Where was this feature filmed ?

A: It was filmed in the sensational Savannah, Georgia. The city of pure history, the best honey, SCAD, and the iconic bench where Forrest Gump analogized life with his box of chocolates.

Q. What was it like working with highly acclaimed directors like the Olson Brothers ?

A: At first I have to admit it was nerve racking ! But after a few takes, I was able to grasp their technique quickly, adopting their vision and listening well to their direction. It became a blessing and a keen commitment in which I looked forward to waking up each day. The Olson Brothers, Obin and Amariah, are truly preeminent directors and utterly devoted to their craft. Their method and style is what impressed me the most. They allowed both my co-star Elisha Kriis and I to fully live out our characters each and every moment throughout the production on and off screen. They allowed us an opportunity that any serious actor could only dream of having — trust, acceptance in playing out our own circumstantial direction from truly listening to one another during a take and reacting to the moment. It was an honor to work for them, I have the greatest admiration , respect and praise toward them.

Q: How did you get on with the rest of the cast in Body of Sin?

A: Each day, getting to know the rest of the cast made my job feel more like a vocation. It really was an incredible time of my life. I lived with Elisha Kriis (Erica Tate) my co-star, and my best friend today. When we were not filming we were investing our free time on the development of our characters, our relationship, our dialogue and the meaning behind each scene creating clear active and passive goals. Our characters effortlessly morphed and our relationship transcended into this beautiful roller coaster ride that plays out in real time on film.

Building bonds with members of the cast only grew stronger nine months after the production. I adore them all so much, and they have become like family to me. As individuals, I was captivated by their drive, their diverse nature and how each scene played out like real life. Beyond the individual talent, the beauty of our ensemble, and our committed work ethic emanated during challenging times, where our loyalty was to keeping the production alive.

Q: When can we anticipate the film being released . ?

A: Rumor has it that the official release will be around the end of 2017 . At least that’s the word through the grapevine. I can’t wait!!

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Finally, what is coming up next for the Olson Brothers?

We just finished Body of Sin, a diamond heist thriller with beautiful locations, shot on the beaches, with warm color tones. It has a very sexy, very beautiful feature lead character. It’s an intense action thriller focusing more on the dramatic aspects of the characters and thrills with a little bit of romance. We enjoyed making that one, which is going to be coming out soon. We’re just finishing up post-production on it.

I think that’s cool that you get to try different genres and that’s what I like about filmmakers who want to try different things and even mesh different genres instead of sticking to just one. And hearing this is just proof that you guys are giving that a shot, which I think is awesome.

I mean that’s what I like. It keeps it more interesting if you kind of don’t just stick to just one genre because you will get creatively tired of it. You have to experiment and kind of try different things. I was like okay, with Body of Sin, we have the sexy romance, shot on the beach kind of thing. We just wanted to get out and go to the beach. Everyone was having a blast. That was the goal and it brought some personalities and added a bit of sexiness to the picture.

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