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Marta Carriedo: Blogger and Social Marketing Expert

As the world rapidly embraces technology, the impact of online ‘influencers’, bloggers and trendsetters are the next experts and have extreme influence on society, culture and they way we communicate with each other.

In the wild west landscape that is the worldwide web and social media platforms, I am respected as something of a social media expert and a go-to for all things music, lifestyle and fashion.

In 2014, I decided to launch my own business based on my experience. My purpose is to express and share knowledge and my point of view of the fashion industry. In my website, and my TV channel I write daily posts about the the latest trends related to travel and cool destinations, fashion trends, beauty tips, lifestyle, deco or cooking. I connect through a social media following of more than four hundred thousand Instagram followers and other hundreds on my other platforms.

My presence as an influencer is accentuated by my role as a TV host and presenter in Spain. Since 2015, I have collaborated with French TV channel Non Stop People to discuss the latest news, trends and innovations on fashion and music.

I took an unusual path to internet stardom. First, I was an academic — a student of economics in Madrid. Upon graduation, I became an auditor at PriceWaterhouse Coopers. My interests shifted leading to a passion for the fashion industry and a position as manager at Aristocrazy, a top Spanish jewelry brand. In 2013, I showcased my writing skills at Grazia Magazine and Hola! Magazine.

The success of and my notoriety as a TV personality has led to working partnerships and being ambassador of many top brands such as Asos, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, L’Oreal, Revolve, NIVEA, Coca Cola, Danone, Land Rover, YSL, Intimissimi, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, P&B, Starbucks and some hotel chains.

I spend my time living and working between Madrid and Los Angeles. I travel the world weekly, passing on my experiences and critique of fashion and lifestyle trends to my social media followers. But it is not as easy at it seems. I have to make videos and to take pictures daily with my professional photographers wherever I am. I also have a great team working by my side.

There is a complete world behind the word “blogger”. First of all you have to be “perfect” every day. You have to think daily about the complete combo: the perfect look, at the perfect location, with the perfect lighting and with a good camera and photographer. Then you have to play with your pics and see how they should be posted on your feed so they are perfectly matched all together. The shame with the articles that I write from Monday to Friday on my blog and all the pics and videos that I share there.

My advice to others and the mantra I live by is, “Never give up”.
Marta Carriedo
Marta Carriedo




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