Beautiful And Talented Karina Diglyte Turns Heads Wherever She Goes

Karina Diglyte

Does anyone know what drives people to become actors? I mean they seem to be the people who are having all the fun in the world. They just pretend to be other characters on a movie set all day and then they go out to the best parties, eat the finest food and they laugh all the way to the bank.

On the other hand, there are some actors out there who see their occupation as a calling, kind of like sculptors and painters and other artists. It’s not that they don’t have fun at it, but they simply can not do anything else — they must act to be happy and feel fulfilled.

I imagine that the actress Karina Diglyte is in that category. I believe that her thespian urges are much more than simple exercises to have fun. I think she is a truly inspired (and inspiring actress) who fully melts into each role she is cast in because every cell in her body yells at her to do it. And now, of course, all that yelling has paid off.

Karina has loved films since she was a young girl and started acting professionally a little later for the TV show Candid Camera, She was in every episode acting out pranks as real situations. Commercials came next and then she went to university and got a Bachelor’s degree in Business and started working in a bank. Wait! What?! That’s right, the beautiful and talented Karina was almost lost to the world of finance until she came to her senses and plunged back into acting. We will thank the god of acting as soon as we find out exactly who he or she is. In the meantime, we shall just be silently grateful that Karina got out of banking and remembered that she belongs to the world of movies and its audiences, of course.

Karina has studied the Meisner technique along with the Method and has done tons of plays, including Paddy Chayefsky’s Mother. That, in turn catapulted her into her first lead role in a feature film Morning Tea, when she was “discovered” by a film director. Since then, she has been working non-stop doing feature films galore, recently finished filming Romantic comedy “Stan The Man”, “Full Moon”, “Safecrackers”, she played a role in a music video by a singer Wafia. And next year she will be playing in a comedy TV series “Gazelles”, produced by TV4 Entertainment. Karina is also a producer and a stand up comedian. You may have laughed with her at the World Famous Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, the Ha Ha Comedy Club or the legendary Alex theatre where she knocks ’em dead on a regular basis.

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