Beata Borelius-Larson- A Swedish Born, English Actress Living In Los Angeles

Actress Beata Borelius Larson.

Her acting career began at young a age, acting in school plays and studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. For nine years, Beata Borelius Larson was trained in intense Shakespeare studies. At the age of nineteen, she moved to the United States to study at The Stella Adler Acting Academy in Los Angeles.

Beata stars in the feature film, ‘Love Is’ where she plays the role of Viola, the protagonist’s true love. In the short film, ‘Dr. Elevator’, she plays the role of Jasmine — the protagonist of a group trapped in an elevator. In the web-series, ‘Audition Girl’, Beata stars as Sarah, a very upright, snobby actress who uses her connections, not her talent, to succeed.

Beata also starred as a model in the music video ‘Turn Me On’ by Round 2 Crew as well as a commercial for AdBlock, directed by Ben Conrads (visual effects supervisor for Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Zombieland, and Beyonce’s Formation Tour). Currently, Beata is featured in the upcoming project, ‘Death Gaze’ where the story centers around the struggle of overcoming self-hatred and memories from the past.

Beata’s best piece of advice for aspiring actors?

“When you receive material, a script — whatever, just breathe. Simply read it and assume you know nothing. Everything will come to you and don’t think too much — just do. Acting is so physical. The physical comes first, then the words.”

Beata Borelius-Larson is a classically trained British actress, who has studied and acted in several feature films, short films, web series, music videos and commercials. This beautiful and talented international star is one to watch!

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