BAFTA Award-Winning Actor Gonzalo Martin

Talent is everything, but then again, so is persistence. Without one or the other you might not succeed in your chosen field. Gonzalo Martin’s chosen field is the entertainment industry. He is a working actor and producer in Los Angeles although he is originally from Argentina. He came to California to study acting and after only 2 years of intensive study and 3 years of constantly working, he was nominated for a BAFTA Game Award. BAFTA, of course, is the British equivalent of our Academy Award, the Oscar. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominated Gonzalo for his outstanding performance as the character Sean Diaz in the video game Life is Strange 2.

Being acknowledged so soon in the game, so to speak, by such a legendary international entertainment Institution as that demonstrates that life is a bit strange after all. Or perhaps we should say that life is very just in Gonzalo’s case. He not only was the first Argentinian to ever win a BAFTA Award, yes, he did win for Best Performer in a Leading Role, he was also the first artist to ever receive a BAFTA Game award, which is an entirely new category. Gonzalo was also the first (and youngest) to win a BAFTA for his first Voice Over performance ever.

His talent is obvious because he was up against professionals who had years of experience behind them, both Voice Over and acting in general. Veteran actors such as Norman Reedus, Logan Marshall Green, Laura Bailey, Courtney Hope and Barry Sloan were in the running for the same award as Gonzalo. Gonzalo’s persistence pushed him to “sleep rough” as he calls it, on the street for a day, to help him prepare for the part of Sean Diaz. He wanted to get into the character’s shoes and live the part before he played the part. His thorough research and first person immersion into how that persona lived and went through paid off big time. He believes that getting to know the game’s leading character in such a realistic manner truly helped him succeed in the part and enabled him to rise to the occasion and be recognized by BAFTA.

Gonzalo is not only an award-winning and extremely gifted actor, he is also a producer and has just produced his first feature-length motion picture called, Back To Lyla. He will also be starring in it and he is looking forward to seeing its release in 2021.



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