Award Winning Still Photographer Tatsuya Ouchi

Tatsuya Ouchi

It’s not often that we get to write about, not to mention appreciate, an artist who not only works in -but succeeds in two separate mediums. Tatsuya Ouchi is a superb award-winning still photographer who has had his work exhibited in the Louvre, among many other venues, and he is also a cinematographer who has shot many films that have won a great deal of attention, high praise and awards in international film festivals.

He has worked on countless projects as a cinematographer including the films: Mermaids, Sunny Daze, A Bedtime Story, Tiger Within, Gangland, How To Live Your Life Correctly, Juicy Ladies, False, This is My Year, Lost, Flesh & Blood, Loop, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Wendy, Diddie Wa Diddie, Forever & Always, Scarlett-Angelina, Millennial, Wonder Buffalo, The Other Side, Leo Johnson, Gook, The First Stone, The Perfect Dinner, Burning Sands. Deus Deceptor, AIM, Trouble Man, Breaking Free, The Guilty, Con Fuoco, The Betrayer, Where has the Milk Gone and Itsuka no Hito.

His most recent project is the feature-length motion picture written and directed by Shahriar Azim entitled The Lure of The Landfills. The film takes place in a very dingy Los Angeles motel and intertwines four stories of tenants who are dealing with extreme poverty, immigration problems, violence and drug dealers while living in a marginalized society. The film stars Dev Patel and has been called “Brilliant,” “Original” and “Profound” by critics.

Tatsuya moved to Los Angeles soon after graduating from Nihon University College of Art and has wasted no time in pursuing his career in cinematography and still photography. He has worked on over a hundred motion picture productions since his arrival in California in 2013 and is familiar with all positions of the camera crew including lighting, camera operator and of course, working as the cinematographer, which calls the shots as far as all the camera work is concerned. He has been personally honored with four prestigious cinematography awards for his outstanding work.



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