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3 min readMay 17, 2017
Daphne Tenne receives the Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film at the NOVA Film Festival in Virginia for the film ‘Love Is’.

We’ve written about Daphne Tenne several times before and we have had a lot of fun as we followed her career and watched as she continues to take on ever more challenging roles each time we see her in a play or a film. Although she has established herself as an actress who can do virtually anything — from comedy to serious dramatic parts.

Before deciding on acting as a career Daphne was a computer programmer, which says a great deal about her innate intelligence. She was trained to be a programmer in the Israeli army. She was born in Greece, and grew up in New York, Israel and Venezuela, all of which she feels quite at home in. She was raised speaking three languages, Spanish, English and Hebrew.

This highly trained actress and citizen of the world, Daphne never ceases to surprise us with her talent and the lengths she will go to “become” a character in a film or play. She recently won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a feature film at the NOVA Film Festival in Virginia. The film, Love Is, has been an official selection at other prestigious film festivals also, where it was screened, nominated and won numerous awards in various categories: Action on Film International Film Festival,

Indie Fest USA International Film Festival and The Northern Virginia International Film Festival. The film can be purchased and watched online at:

Daphne being interviewed at the Nova Fest 2017

Daphne has also gained a lot of very positive reviews for her comedies such as the parody Gayted Community. This film has been a huge hit on the American festival circuit and will also be screened at film festivals in Israel.

Besides seeing Daphne on YouTube with her acting reel and being her very funny self in her self-written vignettes, she also has some upcoming projects that you will definitely be interested in catching. The series “The Chronicles of Spooner and Moustafa” is set to come out later this year and is still in the process of filming the last few episodes for the season. The Horror feature film On-Site is scheduled to shoot later on this year. Next year Daphne is cast in the lead role in State Comptroller, a play that will be produced by the Jewish Hebrew Stage in LA. It was a huge success in Israel and will be playing here next year. As you can see, Daphne is a woman of much talent and obviously a lot of energy. We are looking forward to all of her future projects.



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