Award Winning Actress Karishma Bhandari In The Spotlight

It’s really difficult to write a good review on someone who is actually a talented and very accomplished actress. Case in point: The award-winning Karishma Bhandari. She made her name in television and film, then she took the UK and Europe by storm when she toured in stage productions. She has worked in the Uk, where she was born, and in Mumbai, commonly known the world over as Bollywood. Basically, Karishma can do anything in theatre, TV or films. She sings, she dances she acts most beautifully and quite convincingly. There seems to be no limit to her talent or confidence for that matter, which is a good quality to have if one is to succeed in one of the most competitive industries in the universe.

When looking at Karishma one can see that her talent springs from an inner spirit, so to speak; it comes from deep inside her. Her eyes are piercing, but in a benevolent, compassionate way that isn’t challenging or ego driven. She is an experienced and in-demand actress and her eyes tell us that she rolls with the punches and rejections and takes each achievement in stride. There might be ups and downs but she is fully in charge of her ‘self’ and she is one to move on to the next performance rather than lament the one she might have lost. That is a rare quality in any actor or any person in any profession.

Karishma is a force to be reckoned with. She has all the skills needed to be a great actress — and it shows each time we see her on the big screen or on the stage. She grew up in East London with her Punjabi parents and the only time they were all together was when they ate or when watching TV or they went to the cinema. She remembers her very busy parents would relax in front of the television and laugh a lot. One of her childhood goals was to be on TV to make her parents laugh at her. That way she could have their full attention.

Karishma has played countless roles in TV and films, some of the shows are: Corner Shop Show, Welcome to New York, Six Rounds, the Bongs Again, The Conversations, The Inbetweeners 2, Lawless, and Southbank Centre Goes Bollywood among many others. She has several shows in post-production including: Emergency: LA, Firrkie, Tuesdays and Fridays and she completed her part in Palindrome.

“Karishma’s upcoming feature film will be working alongside producer Aditya Juneja at Nine10 Productions. Aditya has produced over 150 film projects including several feature films, episodic series and music videos. His most recent release was with Master Key Studios and Lionsgate Entertainment called the Adventures of A.R.I. and his next production Rideshare Killer will be releasing in 2021. Karishma will also be on the big screen for his next sequel A.R.I 2.0 which is an action comedy which will start filming by the end of this year.”



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