Australian Makeup and Hair Stylist Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen, the Australian makeup, hair stylist and special effects makeup artist has moved up lightning fast in the world of movies and TV. In fact, she moved up so rapidly that we sent a team of investigators out to find out which movie studio her father or uncle owned. It just seemed to us that anyone who could move that quickly must have had some help along the way. When the detectives came back empty handed we were forced to conclude that Ms. Allen’s talent and determination were the driving forces that enabled her to make such leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time.

The investigative report reads as follows:

After Ms. Allen started taking classes in the art of makeup and earned a diploma she worked in Brisbane doing mostly fashion and bridal makeup through the Powder Room, which apparently is one of the city’s most notable makeup agencies. (They were thoroughly vetted and passed with flying colors).

Rebecca’s next move was doing makeup for small production companies that were producing short films. Ms. Allen’s ambition was to work in the TV and Film industry so she started where there was opportunity: in lower budget short movies. Her work, which was quite extraordinary, led her to move up into working with Tess Natoli on Elephant Princess TV Show. Then she was invited to do makeup on other popular shows such as Lightning Point and Reef Doctors with Lisa McCune. During this very busy time in her professional career, she found the time to complete her Hairdressing Certificate 3 certificate. (The investigators believe that she got little to no sleep during this time in her life).

Rebecca worked under Lesley Vanderwalt on the Australian unit of Mad Max, Fury Road, and that in turn, led to her looking after actor Simon Bird on The Inbetweeners 2 movie. After that, she did Truth under award-winning artist Nikki Gooley, where she looked after actors Topher Grace and Bruce Greenwood. She then looked after Ashley Zuckerman on the set of Childhood’s End, which catapulted her onto the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 — Dead Men Tell No Tales.

She did special effects makeup on the show, Ash vs. Evil Dead and then worked on the upcoming movie Aquaman. She then went to China to do prosthetics makeup under the award-winning company JMBFX on Legend of Sun and Moon. Now she is about to start work on the live-action version of Dora The Explorer.

Rebecca Allen, according to the investigators, has done all of this on her own and her father, nor any of her uncles, aunts, cousins or relatives of any type own or operate a TV or motion picture studio. It was her talent, drive, force of will and apparently, her likeability along with the ease of getting along with her that enabled her to move up the proverbial ladder of movie makeup.

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