Australian Fashion Designer Steph Audino’s Incredible Work

One of Steph Audiono’s beautiful creations won the Miss Universe Gown Award

Steph Audino is a fashion designer. She’s not just any fashion designer but one whose designs are revered in her home country of Australia and internationally. Ever since she began creating her own clothes at the age of 16 she has seen success come at her from every direction. She launched her own self-titled clothing label in 2011 and in only two years received national attention by receiving the Australia Day Citizenship Award for a person under 25.

Two years after that Steph was chosen to create the Miss Universe Australia National Costume and the following year she won the Miss Universe Australia National Gown Award in 2017. Talent and drive along with boundless energy and a genuine love for what one does apparently can propel someone to great heights in a very short period of time. Steph is a great example of that and she is not one to stop and sit on her laurels or be satisfied with past achievements. She is constantly moving forward with new designs and looking for new ways to create beauty in clothing.

Steph has had shows in Perth, Australia and in New York City during fashion week. She has also created wedding gown masterpieces for weddings in Australia, India Hawaii and mainland U.S.A. She has made her mark in the fashion industry and her unique designs are sought after all over the world.

Steph is one of those rare celebrity fashion designers who is actually accessible. She loves people as much as she loves her artistic design work, which makes her the one in a million designer who is fun to be around and a pleasure to know. Her Australian background perhaps gives her an edge over many other people in her business because — and we say this in all honesty, Australians are simply very nice people to be around. Now, to balance that all out we must say that Steph would receive the same compliments no matter what country she came from.

Fashion design is not a hard industry to be successful in — it’s an impossible industry to be successful in! Steph made, as we mentioned earlier, because of her truly unique and standout creations and also because of her inexhaustible mental and physical energy and the real passion she has for what she does.

You can see some of her wonderful creations at:

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