Australian Entertainment Writer In LA — Amber Bollard

Amber Bollard

A lot of people know Amber Bollard through her red carpet and entertainment reporting. She has been working in this town for a number of years and is also known for her her public relations firm 27PR Media, which she founded in 2012 and profiles established entertainment personalities as well as up and coming talents — strategically placing their articles where they will get the most attention. She does all these things and much more in the entertainment capital of the world and she makes it all look so easy.

When Amber lived in Australia she had performed in bands and talent shows and appeared on TV. She decided early on that the US was the best place for her to move forward with an entertainment career so she hopped on a plane with only 250 Australian dollars and flew to Atlanta, Georgia. That was a decade and a half ago and when she arrived there, almost immediately she was signed to a music contract with a prestigious recording label. Ultimately, as with many contracts, it didn’t quite work out the way she was told it would and she moved to Los Angeles where things then brightened up for her.

Yes, she did have some challenging situations (like everyone in a new town and a new country experiences) but she overcame them and without planning it, she got a job as a radio host and entertainment reporter for the American Radio Network. While she was there she taught herself the ropes of publicity and she began to cover movie premieres and entertainment events all over Hollywood. Since then, she has written thousands of articles for actors, musicians, filmmakers, technicians and other people in the entertainment field. She has also interviewed some of the biggest name stars in the business including: Heath Ledger, Jennifer Aniston, Carmen Electra, Christian Bale and Matt Damon, to name a few.

Amber is having an interesting time in California but she cautions others to do their homework before coming to Los Angeles for a career in entertainment. She suggests you to be careful with who you trust and let into your life and always know that there are other ways to do things without losing who you are, along the way. If you stay true to yourself and stand up for your rights, she told us, then people will respect you more in the end for being yourself.

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