Australian Actress Corinne Davies

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Corinne Davies in ‘You Can Do Better’.

Corinne Davies, the Australian actress, currently living and working in Southern California, has a very impressive resumé. In fact it’s almost too full to even begin reading it. There are countless stage productions she’s acted in, including Romeo and Juliet, Big Love, All in The Timing, Falstaff, When Dad Married Fury, among many others and The Sound of Music in which she played the Baroness Elsa Schraeder.

There are also plenty of TV projects she’s guest starred in, such as, TruTV, Married with Secrets for the Discovery Channel, Offspring for Southern Star and beside that, Cybergirl for Nine Network. Films. Maybe too many to list them all here so we’ll just mention a few. She played Betty in To My Family, Melanie in the web series Sorry Ari, Ellen in Me and Bogey, Ross’s girl in Geoffrey Wright’s version of Macbeth and for Lions’ Gate Films she played a journalist in the feature film Counterstrike.

Corinne is well grounded in theatre and in films and also in voiceovers, which she enjoys immensely. Growing up in rural Australia, (we all know what that’s like from seeing the Aussie landscape too many times in films and TV) Corinne would spend hours outside creating characters and making up stories. Her mum then enrolled her in singing lessons and that propelled her into performing in musicals with the local community theatre group. She also immersed herself in movies, which was and is her favorite thing to do.

With such an organic upbringing in natural theatre, it was not out of character for her to want to pursue acting as a real profession. After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney (NIDA) with a BA in acting, Corinne took a leap of faith and flew to Los Angeles, arguably the center of the entertainment universe. She got an agent and has been acting professionally ever since. By the way, if you are an actor who is reading this right now, you know how difficult getting an agent can be. Corinne auditioned for a few agents but was actually signed very quickly, which, again, is a very difficult task to accomplish. In other words, if you sign with an agency after being in town only a short time, then that means you have bucket loads of talent. Of course, you only have to see Corinne perform once to realize why her agents signed her so fast.

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