Architect And Production Designer Rashi Jain

It’s interesting how some of us — a very small percentage of us — have the capacity to be great at more than one thing in our lives. Most of us are quite happy and content knowing that we are very good at just one kind of vocation, job or profession. The gifted few, however, seem to be on a very different track than everyone else and are able to move from one thing to another with the seeming ease of a trapeze artist flying from one bar to the other. Rashi Jain is one of those very few talented artists.

To say she is a renaissance woman would be short changing her. She is much more than that. She is someone who has great artistic vision in multiple disciplines and who is redefining the way we look at cinema. She trained as an architect but her love for film thrust her into merging her genius for design with her deep appreciation and strong connection to storytelling and filmmaking. Her family, after all, encouraged her toward the artistic world of 24 frames per second narratives by taking her to movies every week in her hometown of Mumbai, India since she was one-year old.

Just glancing at some of Rashi’s work, whether it’s in music videos, film, digital or scenic art one can get a feel for who she is. Well, let me rephrase that: one can get a feel for her as an artist who gives her all for each job. You can also get a sense of Rashi the consummate professional designer because each of her works is unique, that is, they are not related to each other. They are all done by the hand and the eye of a master but the only relation they share with all of her other pieces is that they fit the overall film or music videos aesthetic that they were designed for.

Some artists can be identified by the sameness of their work. Rashi’s work breaks through those stodgy barriers and it is clear that she designs productions and sets and backdrops that succeed in being part of the whole project and that help move the story along very smoothly and believably. All of this simply means that she has a mature imagination that she given much freedom to and she knows how to control it in order to get the job done correctly.




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