Anna Zanders Playing The Role

Actress Anna Zanders. Photo credit: IMDB

Australian-born actor, Anna Zanders stars in the film, ‘No Grounds For Play’. Directed and written by Charlie Clark, the film tells the story of three American dropouts traveling across the United States in an old, but economy-friendly camper van, while working odd jobs along the way. Anna stars in the role of Julia — a recovering drug addict. Struggling with one year’s sobriety.

‘No Grounds For Play’ continues Anna’s progression of performing in leading roles. 2015’s. ‘Reunion’, was Anna’s debut as a producer and screenwriter. Anna co-wrote the screenplay and starred in the film in the role of Sarah. The film tells of the journey of Sarah, who kidnaps the woman that bullied her younger sister to commit suicide. Of the film, Anna stated, “Producing my own play is up there with biggest achievements.”

On stage, Anna’s credits feature performances in ‘Love’, ‘Golden Age’, ‘Mr. Taylor’s Hat, ‘Earthquakes in London’, ‘The Motherfucker with the Hat’, ‘The Jacksonian’, and ‘Top Girls’. In 2018, Anna starred in the in the London and Dublin stage productions of ‘The Wasp’, by Morgan Lloyd Malcom.

On the small screen, Anna prides her performance was in the role of Julie Dart, a murdered prostitute in the CBS Production of ‘Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files’. “I played a prostitute who murders her clients, who ultimately is murdered, herself.”

Anna Zanders, now based in Los Angeles, is sure to impress audiences and critics with her formidable performance in ‘No Grounds for Play’, official selection of Indie Grits Film Festival 2018.

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