An Interview With Talented Musician From The Band “Haster” Andres Vega

We recently caught up with talented drummer Andres Vega about his latest endeavors and favorite projects he has worked on so far. In between his busy schedule, here is what he had to share:

Its great catching up with you! Since we last spoke to you, what have you been up to?

I´ve been moving around Mexico City these last few years, hanging out with new artists within the music and video scene. It’s interesting, lately I´ve been learning about videography.

How has everything been going for you with the pandemic and how have you had to change things?

It’s been hard honestly, especially for artists. Almost 2 years without playing a show feels like dying, but there’s a good part also… I´ve had time to make connections, meet new people, learn new things such as videography and how to use a camera. I think the world had the time to sit, think and restart everything.

Do you feel like you have grown a lot more as an artist over the years, through your experiences?

For sure, the good thing is, that my mind never stops creating and I’m always figuring out how to translate feelings into art. These two years I’ve had the opportunity to expand my artist skills through photography, videography and music, which honestly is beautiful. Somehow you see the world in a different way.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far?

So far Haster for me has been the best project I’ve played on, the chemistry between us is unbelievable and the way we can communicate through music is so crazy. I love playing with them, especially when we go out on tour. Everything comes together the way it needs to, the recording, rehearsals, friendship, hard work, studio time, etc.

What has been one of the biggest highlights/achievements of your career?

Playing music and sharing the stage with some big artists has always been my dream since I was 10 years old. I used to listen to my Sony Walkman before going to sleep every day for more than a year, wishing I could play drums at some point of my life. Now I can say I’ve done that and it makes me feel more than happy! It is the fuel that keeps me going and keeps me dreaming. I’m just living my dream and my best life!

Who has been one of your favorite actors/filmmakers you have worked with so far and why?

Definitely Brian Cox, he´s a worldwide videographer, music video director and producer. His way of thinking and creating things is just out of this world. I had the honor to work with him for one of our music video and I really like the fact that he stays humble. I think that’s the key to everything, staying humble no matter what.

What other projects do you have coming up?

I’m planning to record a new album with my band Haster in California this year, and also may record in Las Vegas. New projects are coming for Haster in these coming years.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists?

My best advice would be to “keep creating and don’t quit”! Sometimes the path to success may seem really hard but in my opinion, nothing is impossible! If you believe it, you can create it!




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