An Interview With Spencer Brod — Frontman From LA Band ‘Spectacle’

Los Angeles Band Spectacle

Spectacle is a fiercely original new band from Los Angeles and their music is fresh, independent and upbeat. Their live performances are dark, theatrical, but fun and are guaranteed to bring the audiences to their feet. The band consists of independent filmmaker, Spencer Brod (vocals), Murv Douglas (bass) of “PowerMan 5000”, “Lords of Acid” and “Voodoo Kung Fu”, Kenny Pierce (drums) formerly of “Soul” and world-class guitarist, Dario Comuzzi. We sat down with frontman Spencer Brod, to find out a little more about the bands singer/songwriter.

Explain a little bit about yourself- where you are from.

I was born in Riverside, Connecticut and sent to boarding school at The Lawrenceville School after my folks divorced, then moved to Denver, Colorado for college. I started two casinos in Black Hawk, Colorado, married a Russian woman, lived in France and Dubai. Then I moved to LA in 2011 to pursue my artistic goals.

What made you decide to turn to music?

It started with piano lessons from an early age, I’ve loved singing since elementary school and became infatuated with playing guitar by high school. I grew up with literally music pulsing through my veins (think Tom Cruise’s dance scene in Risky Business). It was my escape and my ticket to another world. As I started writing my own songs, I experimented with many genres, reggae, heavy rock, punk rock, folk music, and all sorts of other styles. I love listening to different stuff, it’s like experimenting with different spices in cooking. I have written close to 40 songs to date and I regularly post them on SoundCloud and perform them live around Los Angeles. Definitely come and check out one of our shows!

What has the biggest shock been so far, since you started your musical career?

How hard it was to really launch projects. Many lessons can only be learned by trial and error, so you end up trying many things that ultimately do not work out — how it was like herding cats with talented artists. Everyone has great ideas, so it becomes difficult making final choices and at the same time, making everyone feel included in the process. Also, how it is so difficult to bring things into reality starting from scratch. One person can only do so much, so it is a lot of convincing people that you are committed to your vision, but once you start achieving momentum of course, folks start jumping aboard and that’s the exciting part.

Who are some of your influences, musically or personally?

Some of my influences are Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Cure, 21 Pilots, Muse, Radiohead, Mumford and Sons Queens of the Stone Age, Talking Heads, Neil Young, so many…personally, I am deeply motivated to create compelling music — music of substance, of intelligence, and any voice or personality who is strong enough to break through the noise, I take notice. I try to understand where they are coming from.

What is your idea of the overall image as a whole?

Spectacle’s energy currently strikes me like a pop-punk, upbeat New Orleans, Phantom of the Opera Masquerade, funeral, deep, dark, brooding, real, gritty, but upbeat, and strong. The visual style is really fun with the white on our bodies almost acting as a “screen” to paint shadows and color with the lights. There are so many directions we can take it that I look forward to pushing this aesthetic into dark artistic realms. Concert promoters love our approach because of the theatrical qualities.

Do you have any kind of message that you are trying to convey through your music?

People empowerment, truth through the lies, stand up and fight back. I wrote a lot of folky punk rock stuff, I’m not a big fan of fascism, police violence, and endless war, so it comes out in the tunes. There is a lot of spiritual growth and empowerment material.

Do you currently have any plans to tour?

Yes, as Spectacle picks up momentum, we are looking forward to gearing up to go on the road in support of our upcoming EP.

What do you think of the current state of the music industry and what would you do to help it or change it?

It’s great the fact that artists no longer need major record labels to get big, thanks to social media, but also horrible that truly vapid, empty, horrible crap is being propped up and sold at alarming rates. People are getting dumbed down by corporate America and so less appreciative of quality music.

What is your view on downloading music?

I have downloaded some music, but not tons of it. I listen to music mostly on youtube or over live radio.

What is one of the hardest things you have had to overcome in your life so far?

My parents divorcing when I was at the age of 7 has had serious lifelong implications, for myself, my brother and my two sisters. As the youngest, I think that I was effected the least and it made me very self-sufficient from a young age because I realized very early on, that I had to depend on myself to survive.

What’s in your CD player right now?

CD player? What’s a CD player?

What do you do when you aren’t busy making music?

Making money, paying bills, building the company, hanging with family.

What is most important to you in your life?

True living! Lliving an unforgettable experience, whatever that means on any given day and living with everything I am.

Where do you hope to be and to have accomplished in five or ten years from now?

Lots of performances all around the world. Collaborating with talented artists in music, fashion and film. Running a multi-million dollar production company and vacationing to areas way off the grid.

Anything else you would like to add? Perhaps a message to the fans?

Spectacle is about to take over the world. Buckle up!

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