An Interview With Inspirational Founder Of ‘Living Water Creations’ Reshma Knupp

Reshma Knupp and her painting of the Lohan family dog ‘Koa’

Reshma Knupp is one of those inspirational people who has been through some extremely challenging times in her life, but throughout it all, she remained creative and inspired through art. We recently had a chance to speak to her about her art business ‘Living Water Creations’ and what inspired her to get into the art world. Here is what she had to say:

First of all, how have you been coping with quarantine and how has life changed for you, for the good and bad?

Quarantine has been teaching me to not only have patience, but it is has been hard especially being away from family and friends who live in the Fiji Islands. My husband is working and I’m all by myself so art is my outlet. Everyday I am learning new techniques to paint, sewing, clay art, crochet -and also encouraging others on social media creates a positive mind not just for others, but it also uplifts me. I’m not just an artist but a chef too, so I cook new recipes and learn from master chef videos, on how to enhance my cooking skills. I’m planing to study Greek or Hebrew language online, because keeping my mind busy is the key to not fall into depression -especially when I have battled with PTSD before. It is not easy, but we just have to keep pressing on.

Tell us about your background and the idea for ‘Living Water Creations’:

When I was studying art, I always wanted to have my own art business but due to many trials in life it took longer then expected to register my art business ‘Living Water Creations’ -but it finally happened. It all began when I was at university studying art, where I could get into this different world of happiness and color. I’m hoping to touch many lives through my work -just as it brings joy to me. I want to bring the same joy to others who purchase it.

Do you feel like you have grown a lot more as an artist over the years, through your experiences?

Yes, I have. After graduating from university, I never stopped learning. Not only did I learn art and graphic art, but also 3D animation. I think the human mind has the capability to keep learning throughout life and I will continue to learn and master my skills for the future.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far?

I worked on a 3D animated movie and also painted Koa (a pet dog for Dina Lohan’s family). From the proceeds, I also help the dog shelters to raise money through my art. I painted a lion which to me, resembles my inner strength that comes from Lion of Judah. I also painted Luna the police dog who died in the line of duty.

What has been your favorite piece to work on so far and why?

I love all of my paintings. Each one of them is unique, since each of the animals are all different in character. I feel like they are my babies and it is sometimes hard to part with them.

What other projects do you have coming up?

I’m working on 3 Monkey Brothers art for Dr. Bhagavan Antle -the founder of Myrtle Beach Safari.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists?

Do what you love and do it to the best of your ability. We are all survivors of something in life, so reach inside that part of you and bring it to life to inspire others.

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