An Interview With Author of ‘Seasoned Greetings’ John Hakala

John Hakala Author of ‘Seasoned Greetings’.

Hi John, let’s talk about your concept behind Seasoned Greetings. Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

The idea came about after I thought I’d just heard about the worst possible case of greed, but then someone came along and plumbed that abyss a little bit deeper. It seems there’s no end to avarice in some men and women.

I love the characters in Seasoned Greetings. They’re so real and memorable.

Thank you.

Some strike me as symbolic, are they?

Yes. One of the characters, a young woman, joins the Boston police department for all the right reasons. She’s eager, smart, wants to do a good job and make a difference. But, she soon encounters powerful forces that pull her toward potentially compromising directions. She isn’t prepared for what’s about to happen. Such crossroads often arise in political and social movements.

That’s true.

Then there’s the CEO of the story’s failing pet food company. He’s a desperate man who employs incredibly desperate, yet experimental and untested measures to save the company. Wall Street indulges such people because they can generate huge profits for investors and the bankers that back them.

You’re referring to James Ledford in Seasoned Greetings, right?

Exactly. But, unfortunately Ledford’s approach to business isn’t unique. He and his ilk make the headlines daily. So, the novel has good against evil in play, but only one can win out, right?


Well, or so it might seem.

I think Solly, the casino’s debt collector, is a very interesting character.

He is, and I was surprised by the reader’s reaction to him. He’s ruthless and a killer, but they love him. I’m not sure what to say about that.

I thought your book was an exciting thriller, but it struck me as more than that.

It is. It’s also a warning.

Tell me about that.

There’s an incredible niché science that’s now used in a wide range of everyday consumer products, products that generate revenue in the billions of dollars. Yet, people who buy and use them have no clue it’s there or how it can affect them. It’s used in sunscreen, for one example, and it can change a person’s DNA. When I researched the EPA and FDA to see how they’re regulating it, I found they weren’t. So, I thought, wow, there’s a significant opportunity for abuse there.

Is that why you wrote the novel, to call attention to that situation?

Not at all. I’m not a champion of any cause, I’m just a storyteller. I didn’t write Seasoned Greetings with the intent to be another Ralph Nader or Rachel Carson. I saw a very real potential for greedy people to exploit that science and thought it would make an interesting story.

What genre would you like to focus on in your next book?

I like cutting edge technology and I like mysteries. The books I’m writing now have those things.

Where can we buy a copy of Seasoned Greetings?

It’s available in three formats. The e-book and paperback versions are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The audiobook is available from and iTunes.

Thank you, John

Thank you for your time, as well.

To purchase your copy go to:

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