An Interview Personal Development And Life Coaching Duo “The Casual Witches”

The Casual Witches, Anna and Jen

I recently caught up with Jen and Anna, who make up “The Casual Witches” — a duo who connected through the pandemic and used their powerful and positive minds to start a movement through their coaching and empowering of others. Here is what they had to share:

Hey guys! It’s so lovely to meet you both. First of all, let’s talk about your amazing meeting and how incredible it was that it all happened right before the pandemic! You are both from different backgrounds, but manage to connect perfectly. I have always personally felt that everything happens for a reason, since I’ve felt this way from my own personal experiences — when people connect straight away, it usually means because of their energy and spiritual levels, are on the same frequency. Do you agree?

Totally agree. In life, there is not just chances, but great encounters. Ours is one of them. We have the same vision and energy, so everything else was done to make it all turn into a match!

How did you come up with the cool name “Casual Witches”?

We love to show that we can be stylish, and a new aged witch. Assume a hoodie with a skirt, the latest fashionable sneakers — and for all that, purify your home with white sage, draw the tarot, heal with stones and share with the world of the invisible! Casual Witches are all of that! We are a 3.0 witches duo. We embody all facets of the modern woman. We are connected in every sense of the word: we are 90’s kids who live in our time and we use ancestral knowledge. To be “Casual Witches” is to give way to your intuition, it’s to honor the power as a woman, both feet in Nike Air Force One!

What has been one of the biggest highlights of your business so far and how has it been going during the pandemic? I can imagine it would be busier?

When we realized the strength of our support by mixing classic Personal Development Coaching tools and less common methods with lithotherapy, tarot, the universe of colors and energy treatments. This is our method! We propose to work with the mind to help better understand ourselves, to become aware of its functioning, blockages and potentials. Then to elaborate even further — working with the energies and all that works other than just with the mind and the logical. Always follow your intuition!

What have you both learned about yourselves a whole lot more, through all this?

During the pandemic, many people had a revelation and they feel the need to begin some soul searching. Our method was totally adapted!

For more information on this awesome female duo check out:




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