An Inside Look Into The Creative Mind Of Ludovic Nortier

Ludovic Nortier

How does one break into the advertising business, anyway? Good question. We asked several art directors and one stood out above the rest. Ludovic Nortier, the French art director and graphic designer told us that for him there really wasn’t anything else in the world that interested him other than creating and developing beautiful images. He believes that one must have a passion for what one is doing in order to succeed in it.

Well, he certainly has succeeded in his field of art director. For ten years he worked with some of the most famous advertising agencies in the world (Publicis , Havas, DDB, Marcel) and created lasting and quite memorable images for internationally known brands such as: Coca Cola, Diesel, Michele, Ralph Lauren, Disney, Zodiac, Cover Fx, L’Oreal, Lancôme and Heineken, to mention only a few.

Art direction and graphic design by: Ludovic Nortier

That position only made him realize how much he loved the personal touch, that is, the creation of pictures — photography. When he saw where his heart was he moved to Southern California and began shooting in Los Angeles. He saw that area as having every thing a photographer needs to be creative: beautiful weather, beautiful models and beautiful locations. He also saw that he could make his ideas come alive with no limitations. He soon realized that L.A. is one of the most artistic cities on earth. It is the hub of the movie universe and the heart of the advertising world. Plus, it has a booming art community where all kinds of artistic ideas, no matter how odd they may seem in the mid-west, are welcomed with open arms by a vibrant and creative city.

Ludovic misses Paris — who wouldn’t? But he has made new friends in L.A. Leaving his comfort zone to live in an entirely new and strange area was a bit difficult but he found that the challenge also opened up his creative drive and enabled him to see things that he might never have noticed if had stayed in Paris. If you look at his photography you will see that Ludovic’s eye is not a run of the mill lens. He sees things that we as the viewing audience would miss even though we live in the heart of creativity. He shows us new ways of looking at the commonplace and he infuses each one of his shots with a life of its own. Ludovic’s beautiful work can be seen online — just type in his name.

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