An Exclusive Look Inside The World Of Actress And Producer Robyn Duse

Hi Robyn, it’s so fantastic catching up with you again. Have you picked up any new skills or hobbies since spending more time in LA?

Most recently have gone back to singing again and have been honing in on my creativity, allowing it to flow. Being being back in the recording studio melts my heart, there is just something magical about being there and allowing yourself to have that creative freedom, collaborating with a music producer and creating original material.

What projects are you currently working on? I understand you had a film you were looking to put out when we last spoke? Tell us about that..

Recently I have been cast in a couple of projects in Los Angeles which has been amazing to be back on set. I am excited for more projects to come. It has been amazing to work on my feature film “Chrysalis’ which holds a special place in my heart, inspired by true events in my life. I have had some meetings and now working on the evolution of the script. The film’s genre is drama /thriller and the story is along the lines of Sleeping With The Enemy, A Star Is Born and Big Little Lies.

I have had this story rattling in my brain for over 5 years now and needed to bring it into fruition to help humanity. As creatives, our pain and sorrow comes through creativity and experiences. I felt this story needed to be told to help people in similar situations. In today’s society and all the global chaos, mental illness and self abuse through drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, suicide attempts and suicide are all escalating.

I am an empath and need to do my part in the world to help humanity and create more awareness. This film will show both sides of what mental illness does and how it affects everyone all around. Sadly, my ex partner (for over 10 years) passed away in March 2021 from a very long battle with mental illness, depression and alcohol addiction.

My personal journey has given me the resilience and strength to release some of my own story that will be valuable to people. My mission in life is help people and I believe this story will empower people through a visual medium. We are excited to be scouting locations shortly, focusing on one prominent location ‘Savannah’ in South Carolina alongside some other locations. (More details for this project coming soon).

I have also been very busy creating my new business “Oceanic Film Association’ which in total I now have 3 businesses. I wonder why I don’t have much time! We are excited that we have recently officially launched this company, which gives back to creatives. We have three founding members — Myself (Robyn Duse) Producer, Lucinda Bruce and Actor Daniel Reader.

The Oceanic Film & Television Association has honorary members who support our organization such as: Hollywood icon Michael Mandaville producer / line producer “Taken” 1,2,3 starring Liam Neeson and American History X starring Edward Norton.

Our team offers an umbrella of services within the creative realm to assist creatives and to bridge the gap that is needed within the arts and entertainment industry. We believe there are many aspects in the industry that needed attention and our aim is to essentiality bridge the gap between some of the challenging areas of the industry which are hard to navigate.

For subscriptions or more information please visit

What are your plans for the next couple of years? Do you see yourself doing more acting or producing?

I have so many plans when it comes to creative projects, I literally don’t stop. My plans are to be both acting and producing. I really enjoy knowing all the elements to filmmaking. My aim is to have the film ‘Chrysalis’ completed, filmed and distributed within the next couple of years. To me, there is nothing like being on set or creating. I feel so at home and really intrigued by everyone’s job creating the story. The magic of creating a visual medium for an audience to connect to and to be captured by the journey of the story, finding themselves in a relatable story to disconnect from reality, is definitely powerful and honestly, I love all elements to it.

What have you learned about yourself the most, over the last couple of years since the pandemic?

Honestly — so much… I have evolved as a person and as a creative so much more these past couple of years. We never stop evolving! I have done a lot of inner work, healing and surrendering after losing my ex partner March 2021 who I have known since I was 12 years old. There were times where I lost myself and wondered how to get myself back. I am so thankful that I have faith in my spirituality that the universe/higher power is guiding me and I have some amazing souls pulling me up, who believe in me at times when don’t even believe in myself.

Life and this industry knows how to test you and you definitely have to be resilient and thick skinned.

These last couple of years have taught me to;

*Enjoy moments more, as we are never promised tomorrow.

*To not sweat the small stuff, as most it is just small stuff.

*To do what you love regardless of what anyone says.

*Stay true to yourself — Life is unpredictable as you never know what’s coming next.

*Don’t get too comfortable, be prepared and be adaptable to change.

What are your favorite words to live by right now, that keep you inspired?

Honestly there are so many, but the following words stand out to me;

*PASSION and PURPOSE — It’s my passion for acting and producing that keeps me going when the going gets tough and challenging.

To remember my purpose and why am here as this industry. Life can derail you and you need the PASSION and PURPOSE to keep going otherwise most people give up.

*SOUL/SOULFUL — My soul needs to be fulfilled to keep going and if it’s not, it’s too easy to give up therefore I need to keep myself in check to ensure my soul is fulfilled. I also need to be surrounded by soulful individuals. Who you surround yourself with is key and getting back to nature — the simple things in life is a big one for me. Like the beach, deserts and hikes which help me to reconnect with myself.

CONNECT/CONNECTION — I need “real” in my life to connect with like-minded people and surrounding myself with those who are humble, who can connect on a deeper level, I am a deep person who cannot have a shallow existence. Also industry professionals can sense when people are fake and my advice is be real, be grounded and you will get much further.

SURRENDER/TIMING — There are many times where my life has turned 360 degrees or not gone the way I originally planned. So to surrender to not controlling the outcome and having faith in what is meant to be. Life has a way of allowing things that are meant to be, to come into fruition at the right time.

MANIFEST/UNIVERSE — Being a very spiritual person, I need a balance of nature around me otherwise I go insane! I do believe there is a higher power which calls the universe to guide me on so many levels.

FAITH/BELIEF — Without having faith and belief in myself, I wouldn’t have pulled though. Having faith and belief are key elements, especially when pursuing your dream. In life there are so many adversities and you have to bet on yourself!

TUNNEL VISION — Life offers many obstacles and adversities, so you have to have tunnel vision. Some people will doubt you and the key is to have tunnel vision to see your future within yourself, even when others don’t see it.

FLOW — My career and life takes charge when I’m in a flow and I’m not forcing an outcome, as it generally goes the opposite direction. Now I try to stay in flow a lot more, knowing that it will all work out at the right time.

PATIENCE — Life, as well as the industry has taught me patience. I always wanted everything like yesterday and the old me would get so frustrated when things didn’t happen right away. As I got older, the more wisdom I gained, the more life humbled me. I learned quickly that the world didn’t surround me! Patience really is a virtue, so much of life in general, is all about timing. You have to just trust and have patience that everything will work out. If it’s meant to be it will happen, no matter how long it takes..

ENERGY/ALIGNMENT — Last but not least, energy is everything. Many people don’t realize how energy plays into so many aspects of our lives.
When we match the frequency of what we want, the universe conspires to make it a reality. Vibrate on a higher frequency and your outer world will transform.



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