An Exciting Acting Career Spanning From Australia to LA- Nothing Can Stop Actress Robyn Duse

Actress Robyn Duse.

Hollywood is definitely calling for beautiful powerhouse Australian actress Robyn Duse. She continues to make waves in the world of film. Not just a successful actress, she is also a studio owner, producer and creative director. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Robyn recently returned to Australia from her second trip to LA in 2017, where she delved into some more intense acting training, while furthering her craft at the same time. She also attended successful meetings with producers and many other reputable industry professionals. Even more incredible, Robyn has also been booked for some lead roles in some upcoming feature films shooting in the US over the next 3 years. For those who know Robyn and her passion and drive to succeed, it is not surprising, considering she has always envisioned herself working alongside high caliber actors.

It is rumored that Robyn will be working with some pretty big names in the acting world in some upcoming films.One of those productions she is excited to be playing the role of is Charlie Nesbit in the feature film ‘The Girl In A Coma.’ ‘The Girl In a Coma’ is a supernatural thriller about a girl in a coma who reaches out beyond the realms of understanding, to tell the story of how she ended up in the ER — unresponsive and broken. Then following this production, Robyn is set to play the lead role of April Mcallister in the feature film ‘Strange Magik’ and she is thrilled about.

Earlier in the year, Robyn was busy filming the lead in a Domestic Violence TVC which has just been released in Australia. She felt very privileged to have been asked to work on this project because she feels it is such an important topic that needs to be addressed a lot more in today’s society.

Robyn is also set to be working on her very own feature film with her production company ‘Chrysalis Productions’ along with many more exciting meetings planned both in Australia and LA with potential investors on board for the project.

In a recent interview Robyn stated: “I am very excited that I’m now creating my very own feature film with my own production company which is something I have been wanting to do for many years. I’m so excited about the future prospects of this project. This particular topic is something very close to my heart and I want the audiences to be captivated by the characters –their journey and story.’

Needless to say, Robyn’s dedicated fan base are waiting to see her next project which is sure not to disappoint. After all, Robyn Duse, can do no wrong when it comes to her craft!

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