Alejandro Arzciat: Alone In The World

Alejandro Arzciat

Alejandro Arzciat makes his music video debut in Rei Kennex’s ‘Alone in the World’.

The Mexican actor, based in Los Angeles, is known for his roles in the films, East Side Sushi, Crumb of Courage, The Executioners, and Cinder Pumpkin. ‘Alone In The World’ bonds with Alejandro’s spiritual and creative nature.

“My spiritual search came forth and grew with full force to keep myself more in touch with what matters the most … I’m creating my path, not just submitting to an external, often illusive, and at times with almost impossible standards.”

Directed by Jason Crossman, Rei Kennex’s music video tells the story of a woman inhabiting a post-apocalyptic world escaping what seem to be fearsome demos, only for her to discover that these are not outside of herself. The narrative showcases Alejandro’s talent as a leading man and an opportunity to show his darker side as the antagonist.

Teaming up with Rei Kennex was the perfect fit for Alejandro. The Ukrainian singer distinguishes herself from her peers through her fascination with the beauty of storytelling. Rei’s songs are cinematographic — they immerse the audience often in fantasy worlds, yet are universal in their appeal and relate to what people are going through in their real lives.

“I create music that not only triggers the listeners emotions and hits them on a visceral level, but also immerses them in the story.”

‘Alone In The World’ explores the battle between the good and the evil that takes place inside of us and the struggle with oneself. These are values that align with Alejandro Arzciat’s personal journey of spirituality as a person and as an actor.

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