After Recent Success With ‘I Think I Love You’, Mauro Buonarota Continues On His Path Of Hit-Making!

Photo Credit: Stefania Rosini

While the echo of I Think I Love You is still resounding in our heads, Mauro Buonarota is busy working on new projects. This guy is extremely motivated and his focus is sharing new vibes and penning another super catchy hit. I Think I Love You has been so enjoyed by fans that within a few days the song reached №1 in Italy, №2 in the US and №2 on the UK itunes electronic chart.

Currently, there are many clubs all over the world playing several remixes of I Think I Love You and more fantastic news is expected soon. At the same time Mauro Buonarota is continuing his busy schedule while currently also enjoying sometime in Los Angeles.

When we met, he said to me; “For me, it’s always a pleasure spending time in LA. It always helps me to refresh my mind and it gives me continuous inspiration and new ideas”. Mauro Buonarota is currently collaborating with artists like Phonat, Dom Capuano, Alex Alessandroni, Fabio Campedelli and IAGO and we are excited about hearing some new magic on the airwaves.

Stay Tuned for more news from Mauro Buonarota, one of the most unique new artists of today!

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