Actress Robyn Duse Secures New Management Deal In LA, New York And London

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3 min readApr 6, 2024
Robyn Duse attends this year's AACTA red carpet awards in Australia.

“You know sometimes life just happens, it comes when you least expect it, without forcing it and it all just flows” -Robyn Duse

As we know, LA is known for its celebrities, celebrity parties, red carpet events and glitz and glamour, however alongside that comes the hustle and bustle and many ups and downs. Like any big city where there are many talented creatives, the industry can also be quite competitive.

Securing representation in Tinseltown does not always come easy, there are many steps to be followed— proof of body of work is only one step amongst many others. However, whilst Robyn was in Australia she secured a very reputable management company to represent her. The management company is based in 3 major cities across the globe including London, New York and LA and Robyn is very excited to have been given this amazing opportunity.

Whilst she has been working with her Australian agent auditioning for acting roles back in Australia, Robyn set her sights on auditioning in these major cities and is looking forward to working with her new US management company.

This February, she was thrilled to attend the AACTA red carpet awards in Australia, where she was amongst some of Australia’s well-known international actors including the likes of Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Rebel Wilson, Joel Edgerton and many more.

Margot Robbie receives her AACTA award from Joel Edgarton.

Robyn has also been busy working on some voice over work to add to her creative toolbox, meetings for her film ‘Chrysalis’ and looks forward to hitting the ground running at the end of next month upon her return to the City of Angels. She is also looking forward to attending more red-carpet events and mingling with many more creatives across the globe in 2024.

As Robyn states, “When things unfold in such a seamless way, that is when you know things are meant to happen exactly as they are. This is what happened in this situation with my US manager. It came to me so unexpectedly and I am very excited to be working on opportunities in Los Angeles, New York and London. I find the best things in life happen when you least expect it, and they just present themselves into your life at just the right time.”

We can’t wait to see what's next for this beautiful and talented Aussie actress. Stay tuned!



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