Actress Robyn Duse -Inspiring Others To Never Give Up On Their Dreams!

We recently caught up with Aussie actress Robyn Duse, who is about to embark on her new life in the US -and launch an international acting career. Even though the world as it stands today (in particularly the entertainment world) is facing a very serious stand still right now, Robyn assured us that nothing will stop her from following her dreams and inspiring others to do so as well. As always, Robyn was a bright light to talk to, in such difficult times Here is what she had to share with the readers:

Hi Robyn, so for starters let’s talk about your final transition of moving to the US full time. How does it feel that you are finally making the step?

I can’t even express how amazing it feels, still partly surreal at times and have to remind myself that I am actually going on a one way ticket to LA soon which is something always dreamed of .

What projects are you working on?

I’m excited to be making solid steps towards the feature film that I’m creating. We are currently working on the script and in the coming months, we are planning on securing some investors for the film. I’m also looking forward to working on some other projects and collaborating with some great artists in the US. When the industry is back up and running, I look forward to finally being able to audition for film and network television.

Obviously now, there are a lot of things that have drastically changed all over the world and basically everything has been grounded. How does this feel for you and also, what do you think the lesson is to be learned?

Collectively we are experiencing something we have never seen before which is disheartening and still feels surreal at times -because it happened so suddenly. However, I do believe good will come out of this as for every negative there is always a positive that comes from of it -even if we don’t know what that positive is when we are in it.

For me personally- I don’t live in fear , this global crisis will not stop me from following my dreams, wanting to excel and pushing forward. There is no doubt we are all facing extra hurdles right now which may cause some set backs -however I am using this time to be still in some way: to reflect on things, to spend solitary time working on myself (as I love my alone time) which is a crucial part of evolving to the next level -spend time on honing my craft , to set up my new life in LA (despite what is happening) -and of course, spending quality with family, as we are all in this together.

I believe — this is teaching the human race to be more humble, to unite by working together as a team because no matter what race, nationality or status you are -no one is exempt from this, as we are all in this together. I believe — it’s teaching us to live for the present moment because at a second’s notice everything could change. It’s showing us not to take the little things we are accustomed to take for granted, to stop being selfish, to have peace, compassion, love for ourselves, our family, friends, loved ones and others. It is teaching us resilience. Only time will tell what good will come out of this global pandemic.

How is ‘The Actor’s Studio -Australia’ coming along? Do you plan on bringing that to LA?

Yes, we are actually currently working on another Hollywood program -bringing creatives from all around the world, to learn from Hollywood’s elite mentors which I am very excited to launch. In due course, we will release- creative/acting spiritual retreats while collaborating with some amazing artists to make this happen. I believe we all need healing and to bring our awareness within, to become a better human being and more creative. Details coming soon!

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far and why?

My favorite project I have worked on, I would have to say was the domestic violence TVC _as that project touched me in ways no other project had. We had some amazing talented special effects artists (SFX) who also did the makeup for the film ‘The Dressmaker’ (starring Liam Hemsworth, Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving and more). She did the most amazing job to where it actually looked like I had been brutally beaten up.

In a good way, after she did the special effects make up, I saw how it looked and literally felt sick and disgusted before and after the takes. It was to the point where I couldn’t even eat which made it so real for me to live the physical and emotional pain this girl went though. It was the most surreal yet rewarding experiences, as I knew this would resonate with the audience.

What do you like to do in your down time?

I like balance in my down time -well I try to create it as much as possible even though it can be challenging! I love traveling and exploring new and old cities. I love going to new and favorite restaurants, cafes -tasting their cuisine especially in LA, because there are so many amazing healthy vegetarian/vegan cafes. Listening to music, pumping it up in my car (laughs) singing, dancing, I love nature, going to the beach, hiking, the gym, spending quality time with family and friends, watching movies, listening to motivational audios, interviews, podcasts -which I find inspires me.

We are human, so we have self doubt and uncertainty at times, especially with how the world is right now. Recently, I have been very anxious about not being able to travel to LA to start my new life as planned, however I am trusting, believing, I have faith, I’m accessing my spirituality within, to stay positive in these tough times -and that always gets me through!

Lastly, what would you tell people right now who are dealing with stress and having doubts on what to do with their careers in the entertainment industry?

I believe having a higher power that you believe in (whatever that is) helps your mindset, shapes who you are and your destiny in life, as it gives you direction. I am always flipping negative situations on the flip side asking myself — What did I learn from this? What is this teaching me personally? How can I use this to better myself for future situations, loved ones and my surroundings. I trust that the universe has led me here for a reason and where there is loss, there is always a gain.

I have also learned that timing plays a big factor, no matter how much you want it or push for it -the universe/God will test you to see how prepared you are for it, how much you want it, how much you are prepared to work for it or if you just give up when it gets too hard. When things don’t go according to plan, it’s just telling us -it’s not our time yet, that we need to encounter more adversities to learn from them and then things will then fall into place . Timing and resilience is key!

Thanks so much for your time Robyn. Can’t wait to see you back in LA again!

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