Actress Profile -The Talented And Gifted Esther Markaki

New York, New York!! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! That’s just paraphrasing a couple of lines in the famous Sinatra tune, “New York, New York” but it pretty much sums up the power and the draw the city has for so many artists who come to the big apple to make it to the top of the heap.

Does the song mean that accountants and electricians come to NYC to make names for themselves? Well, not really. Their ‘artistic’ efforts are a little more staid and restrained than the true artists we’re talking about. Esther Markaki understands what we mean because her talents are just what Gotham is looking for. She’s an actress and a singer, among many other things. She’s also from Athens, Greece and is a Greek-American who was educated at a Greek American school and went to an American college and is a native speaker of both Greek and American English.

We saw a video of her on YouTube the other night from her Cranky Cabaret 6th year anniversary performance and were quite impressed with her improvisation, comedic, and acting ability. We were even more taken with her presence. Some people have that untouchable, almost unexplainable ‘thing’ about them that can only be described as presence. Certain movie stars have it, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, De Niro, Pacino, Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange and others. These actors, like Esther Markaki, also have a great deal of talent.

If you asked a casting director why he or she chose one actor over another you might be told that the actor or actress had presence. We read a review of an off-Broadway production of “Electra” by Sophocles (the ancient Greek writer) and Esther received high praise for her very genuine character portrayal. The writer of that review mentioned many other things such as, truthful performance, exquisite concentration and just fine acting overall. The last thing that was touched upon was presence. He said Esther had great and rare presence.

She brings that quality with her to every project she commits to. She brought it most recently to one she did for Glamour Magazine and Allure Magazine. The project was called “What I said Vs. What I Meant” and it’s about helping others feel confident and empowered whatever size they may be. It showed people that everybody has insecurities, but you should feel good about yourself and love yourself. It was about motivating and inspiring people, and that’s what brings out Esther’s passion and what makes her a real presence to be reckoned with. She was chosen for this project because of her uniqueness, talent, creativity, and ability to inspire and motivate. Esther is also the kind of actress that the audience can relate to. Her latest project “Not Dumb Questions” by the Women’s Health Magazine is a proof of that. This project educates women about health and relationship issues in a fun and relatable way and in the “Not Dumb Questions” project Esther discusses topics that women may be otherwise hesitant to ask and seek information about. Whatever project Esther does, one thing’s for sure; she always shines because of her extraordinary talent, passion, commitment and love for acting.

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