Actress Profile: Gaia Passaler

Beauty And Talent- Gaia Passaler

How do people become actors is a common question. A better question might be “Why do people become actors?” Well, we’ve talked to a lot of actors in the last few years and there seems to a thread of commonality among actors. The why that some people ask of them really can’t be answered in a simple declarative sentence. It’s more like, “I just never wanted to do anything else,” or “I’ve wanted to act since I was a kid.” There are plenty of other answers but they all pretty much say the same thing: they were born to be actors.

When we talked to Gaia Passaler , she told us something very similar. The pull of acting with her began when she was only ten-years old. Once she was up there on that stage in front of the audience, she knew at that moment that that was where she was meant to be. After that, there was really nothing that could get in her way or deter he from performing and learning everything she could about every kind of acting technique that existed. She went from Milano, Italy, her hometown, to New York to Los Angeles, where she lives and works today. In New York, she studied for two years at the legendary American Academy of Dramatic Art along with the New York Film Academy.

She has acted on stage in such productions as: Iphigenia 2.0 as Clytemnestra, Clickshare as Milano, Bury The Dead, Maybe Tuesday, Dinner at Eight, Twelve Angry Women, Inversion and Marilyn! A New Musical. That last play was performed in front of a sold out house of fourteen hundred people at the Alex Theater.

Gaia’s film roles are no less impressive: The Chosen Path, The Mystery of Casa Matusitam, in which she acts alongside Malcolm McDowell, Toenail, which went on to win third place in HBO Visionaries Film Competition. She has also performed in other films such as, Celestial, The Newcomer, Memoirs, Whiskers, Unspoken, Into Vitality, Charged and 3rd Liberty, among many others.

Gaia is always fine tuning her skills, which include, beautiful dialects and accents such as Russian, Spanish, French, Italian (of course), and American. She is also an accomplished singer (Mezzo-soprano) and she plays the piano. Since she is so talented, perhaps we should ask her if there is anything she can’t do?

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