Actress Marina Zoreva Inspiring Others Through Her Work

We saw Marina Zoreva’s acting reel the other night and she is everything we have ever heard about her. She definitely has presence and she takes command of the stage or the movie set. By command we don’t mean that she comes on too strong, we mean the exact opposite of that. When her character enters the scene it is a real person, a fully developed character who is fully grounded and complete. She exudes confidence and the audience is naturally drawn to her not by trickery or behavioral gimmicks but by the sheer reality that projects through the persona she has temporarily taken on.

By the way, she has learned how to engage her self and psyche to portray a character. She has learned how to dive deep into the process and how to experience the life of the character to its core. Even more importantly, she understands how to come out of it quickly without leaving any mental or emotional residue that could be damaging to some actors. With all of her training she definitely immerses herself in each role and digs down to the essence of each character she plays. That kind of total concentration and intuitiveness always provides a more entertaining and absolutely real experience for the audience

When a good script comes to Marina she gets excited and then she instantly becomes extremely methodical with it as opposed to being lost and terrified. The analytical side of her very creative and highly intelligent mind can quickly break down her part in the manuscript and then she is able to make deep, solid and interesting choices for her character in a very short time.

Marina’s acting reel makes acting look so simple. When you think of that, however, you realize that only the most talented artists can do that. Look at the best painters, sculptors, wood workers, etc. and they all make what they do look easy. Why? Because even if they have an innate skill for their chosen field, they also went through many years of practice along with actually doing whatever it is they do.

Practice, many times, does make perfect. Marina was asked what advice she would give aspiring actors. She said that it definitely takes training and even more important it takes practice to become a confident and solid actor. Acting is about doing.

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