Actor Tom Ainsley Sharing His Talent With The World

Tom Ainsley — ACTOR: and that is the truth. He is one of those rare breeds of humans who was born to do what he does. Sculptors must sculpt, writers have to write, singers were made to sing and actors can’t not act. They simply have to. It’s in their blood, so to speak. And we can plainly see that acting is something that Tom absolutely must do.

Having moved to London when he was only eighteen, Tom enrolled in the famous Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts and graduated with honors. Before he left school, however, he was noticed by and signed by one of the biggest agents in London. He began working steadily after that and hasn’t looked back. In his first professional job, he appeared in a West End production of Ibsen’s Ghosts, directed by Richard Eyre. The West End, of course, is the equivalent of Broadway in the States and has as much prestige.

He also worked in television on shows such as the BBC’s Doctors, along with another medical series called Holby City. E! Entertainment’s first scripted drama The Royals had Tom cast as Nick Roane for the first two seasons, and he played Benoit in Canal +/Ovation’s Versailles whilst Cara Delevigne played opposite Tom in her debut role in Sky’s Timeless for television.

Just like other famous and immensely talented actors, after being seen in a few plays and TV shows, the big screen came calling. The motion picture Jarhead: The Siege, saw Tom acting alongside Charlie Weber. He was also cast in lead roles in the films Serpent, which won the Best Picture Award at the Durban International Film Festival and the L.A. Film Festival’s Nightfall section and the military drama Boots On The Ground.

Tom has an interesting philosophical way of looking at life and acting. One of the sage things he has said is “The next job you’ve been working towards won’t lead you to happiness. But being happy may lead you to the next job.” He has learned from experience that bigger and better jobs don’t necessarily make an actor or a person for that matter, happier. After going through many false expectations that the next part he played would bring him happiness he made a conscious decision to not associate his personal happiness with his professional success. He chose to be happy in who he was and in what he was doing and he found that when he did that — everything began to fall into its proper place. Good advice from a real actor.

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