Actor Profile: Industrythreat AKA Jeffery Acoff

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‘Industrythreat’ AKA Jeffery Acoff is an actor to watch for. Recently starring as Tupac in the BET docu-series ‘Death Row Chronicles’, he is without a doubt, starting to make his mark on the entertainment world. Studying at the New York Film Academy back in 2013, Industrythreat has stayed busy auditioning, as well as starting the production of his own film ‘To Kill An Actor’ created and written by Wanyee Leonard, directed by Mickey Caught which they recently held auditions for this past weekend. In the film, Industrythreat will double as producer and lead actor which is pretty impressive and of course, another skill he can add to his resume’.

When asked in a recent interview his best piece of advice for up and coming artists? Industrythreat said not to focus on just the money side of things of the business but to prepare yourself as much as possible as an actor, stay authentic and to continue to network as much as possible.

We have a feeling Industrythreat is going to have an exciting career ahead of him with longevity. He is already proving himself to be focused, consistent and passionate about his craft. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Stay tuned!

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