Actor Profile: Filippo Duelk

Filippo Duelk

Actor Filippo Duelk has already made quite the impression on Hollywood. The son of a German mother and Italian father he was born in Barcelona, Spain and always had a passion for entertaining. They say some people are just born to do it, well, Filippo is one of those people. Relocating to Los Angeles a few years ago to continue his acting career, he found himself learning from the best in the business at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre, which happens to be one of LA’s most famous acting schools and facilities.

His very first acting job in LA was an international Red Lobster Facebook commercial with Hollywood hot shot Tyrese Gibson. Lucky for Filippo, he went from being a background actor to getting an actual speaking part opposite Tyrese as the production team were so impressed with his look. When asked to comment in a recent interview what he has learned about LA — Filippo responded “I learned that looks, do mean a lot here” (laughs).

Some of his most successful roles in theater include: Still life (Directed by Rick Peters), Arcadia (Directed by Christopher Thornton) and Romeo and Juliet (Directed by Alex Aves). On top of his talent wowing audiences and critics performing on stage and on the big screen, Filippo has also started to delve into directing, producing and writing –just to add to his already impressive list of credits. Recently, his latest project, the short film, ‘Hugrakkur (Brave)’ has gained him several film festival selections, which he is incredibly excited and thrilled about. In addition to the award winning title of ‘Best martial Arts Sequence’ at the Action on Film Festival at Las Vegas 2017 he also received.

In continuing with his successful acting career, Filippo is the lead in the short film ‘The Better Painter’ playing the character of alter ego, and a young troubled painter in Los Angeles.

He also has a featured role in a new music video, which will be screened at the VMA’s for Best Music Video with director Ron Peters for the band ‘Air brothers’

We can’t wait to see what Filippo’s next project will be!

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