Actor Jesus Carus -Leading Man

Mexican-born actor, Jesus Carus, now pursues his passion in Los Angeles. One of Mexico’s most popular actors, Carus has starred in leading roles in film and television roles.

Carus’s career began at the age of five. As a child actor, he went on auditions — after a brief carer as a soccer professional, Martinez returned to the arts, and began a successful partnership with the prestigious TV network, Televisa. Carus gained notoriety starring in the series, ‘Yo No Creo en Los Hombres’ (I Don’t Believe in Men). His portrayal as Leonardo earned him press coverage in the publication TV Notas.

Carus starred in the series, ‘Antes Muerta que Lichita’ (Anything but Plain). His performance was chronicled in the widely read publication, SDP Noticias. His relationship with Televisa continued with acclaimed performances in “La Gata’(The Stray Cat). In ‘Sueño de Amor ‘(Dream of Love) Carus took on the role of the show’s primary antagonist. He collaborated in guest-starring roles for other major series on Televisa including ‘Como Dice el Dicho’ (As the Saying Goes) and ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe.’

Jesus Carus’s popularity made him the ideal candidate to be cast as the spokesperson for promotional campaigns for Hotel Vermont, Rincón Gourmet Restaurant and Charly Futbol (Mexico’s most popular sportswear brands that manufactures the Mexican National Soccer Team’s jerseys).

Carus’s credits celebrate his leading roles in film and television. In ‘The Lesson, he stars in the leading role — the film won Best Short Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. He can also be seen as a leading guest star on episodes of the series ‘Cambio de Vida’ on TV Azteca, and the series, Entre Dos.

Up next, Carus stars in the feature film, ‘The Last Resort’, filming on location in Costa Rica and Los Angeles. Through his eleven year career, Carus continues to learn — learning that the biggest competition is with himself. His advice to fellow actors, “Be patient, believe in yourself and never give up.”

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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