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IAGO Photo Credit: Max Ellis

From His Collaboration With Skrillex Favorite Phonat, To Youtube Star Kurt Hugo Schneider.

We heard Because of You by Phonat featuring IAGO and it was great. It had a solid beat, great rhythm and we loved Phonat and IAGO. We were already fans of Phonat but after listening to this piece we are now new fans of IAGO too. He is the new artist to watch this coming year. He’s breaking out and doing it fast and smart.

Because of You has quickly risen on the charts in Spain, Ukraine, France and the UK. It was written by James Hopcutt, Phonat, Hal Ritson and the entrepreneur/writer Michael Scholl. The total collaboration involved MOFI HIFI label owner Joseph Stopp, the writers, music manager Gianluca Pizzorno and the remix was artistically crafted by Mr. Saccordo. The talent of all these contributors including Phonat and IAGO , promptly grabbed the attention of some legendary DJs like Don Diablo and Chuckie, which helped popularize this great song.

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Gianluca Pizzorno, Jason Spencer, IAGO, Joel Manduke Kurt Hugo Schneider, Ryan Parma. Photo Credit: Ryan Parma

Speaking of collaboration, IAGO has recently worked with Kurt Hugo Schneider, one of the biggest names in Youtube who has over 2.5 billion views on his channel. That’s right, we said Billions! IAGO and Schneider worked together on the cover of the Charlie Puth hit song How Long and in the first four days of its release it rang up over 200,000 views. How Long was co-produced by Joel Manduke and Kurt Hugo Schneider, some of the hottest producers in the business today.

Yes, we were quite impressed by IAGO’s talent and then when we saw his cover of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me on his Facebook page we couldn’t believe how incredible this guy really is. We were blown away! He has a beautiful voice and he is in control of every note that pours out of his heart. He is not only able to express a wide range of emotions but he has that wonderful and rare gift of drawing the audience in and so they can feel everything just as deeply. It was a pleasure to watch and hear IAGO sing.

He is currently working on new songs and collaborating with songwriter Mauro Buonarota, Joel Manduke, Phonat,Alex Alessandroni, Kalta,`Dom Capuano, Katherine Ellis, Phill Ramocon, Ming Bridges, Darren Alboni and some other great writers and producers.

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